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Victuuri Week

Day 4Free for all

Victuuri + Food


I had a few others tell me that they wanted to see a few more NITW characters in my mspaint doodle dump, so here we have Casey Hartley, Jackie, and Steve Scriggins… Also the lyrics aren’t really voicecanons… Just songs I can see them listen to (Casey’s songs is ‘Don’t Repeat’ By The Offspring, Jackie’s is ‘The Greatest’ by Sia, and Scriggin’s is ‘Coming in Hot’ by Hollywood Undead). 

So I drew Casey because I thought it would be a fun practice, but I completely forgot that Jackie and Scriggins were also in my story too, so I just had to draw them out real quick… Yup. Enjoy Peeps. 

((Also I have to tag @askhartley @effcults @scrigginisms and @transgoatjackie because they are my favorite bloggers and they are doing a good job and this is also kind of like a little tribute for them? You guys rock! ))
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im a really big fan of @determinedtopun-archived‘s “bad teen flowey” AU, where the six human souls manage to subdue flowey and contain his behavior (and size) and he’s thus forced to grow up as a little angst creature w/ frisk & co.

this chunky flow mostly feels like an aloe vera plant in texture but is squishier in his lighter areas, and the smaller light spines are actually quite soft (but poisonous). he also seasonally grows and sheds tons of little golden flowers c:

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Party At Ricky’s  

There are some cupcakes

Please bring real food.

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