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Creation Vs Consumption

Ok, so, artist struggling with depression here. I just slept for like 2 days straight and I can barely hold a pencil right now and everything I draw looks like shit and nothing I make feels like it matters.

Most of us have been there. It’s painful.

Especially when you eat, breathe, -live- art, and you can’t create anything. There’s a pressure to always be creating, always drawing, always posting. But sometimes, you just can’t. Sometimes your heart just isn’t in it, or you don’t have the energy, or you’re distracted by things that happened in the day that upset you. And I know when I tell you “That’s okay” you may not believe me, because hell, I don’t always even believe myself.

But here’s something of a life hack I learned that I desperately need to practice more myself:

If you can’t create, consume.

Watch a movie. Read a webcomic. Catch up on your favorite cartoon. Do it for days. Do it for weeks. However long it takes. Indulge in the thing that makes you love drawing in the first place. Your inspiration is living in there somewhere, and immersing yourself in your interests when you’re down is self care.

Not productive enough? Need something that feels more worth while and less leisurely? Study. Google tutorials on drawing that anatomy you’re struggling with. Look up walk throughs on how to use watercolor in a way you haven’t tried. Watch youtube videos of other artists drawing or demonstrating techniques you don’t know and figure out how they do the thing. You’re a student and you’re studying, so it’s Mature and Productive and counts as Work, BUT it takes far fewer spoons than actually creating art if you just don’t have it in you.

Conclusion: you don’t always have to be creating content to be advancing as an artist.

Ride (Jimin/Reader)

Prompt: Can I request a Jimin smut where you like to ride his thigh and he have fetishist for ur boobs because they’re kind of sensitive? Anyway bless this blog

Genre: Smut

Words: 1,285+

Author: Admin Em

Summary: Each moment spent with Jimin was incredibly precious to both of you. And well those precious moments had some extra special times, times where you and Jimin would be one, panting, groaning sweaty bodies moving in sync…. 

Tags: Thigh riding, slight babygirl!kink, porn with little plot, etc. 

Originally posted by sosjimin

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demonicmiracles  asked:

How exactly do y'all plan on stopping fascists? Who even are the fascists? Because, you're not going to stop them by trying to censor and induce violence (Which is contradictory to your group). I doubt there's any real way to stop them, and they most definitely are not going to back off by what you guys are doing. They're going to use it as ammo and cry censorship.

Hi there, thanks for asking us these questions.  Starting with:

Who even are the fascists?”

The fascists are those whose political outlook is characterized by some/most/all of the following:

-hostility to socialism and liberal democracy;
-perceptions of community/national decline and obsessions with myths of nationalist rebirth & greatness 
-an emphasis with racial or national “purity”
-the scapegoating of “others,” often racist in nature, as a unifying tactic
-the fetishization of violence as a political tool to purge or “cleanse” the nation of “corrupting” or “alien” elements
-prioritization of military might and national security
-seeking to replace the current ruling elite with their own idealized class
-the imposition of their brand of “order” on the rest of the population
-an obsession with nationalism/ultra-nationalism
-wanton disregard for human rights, intellectuals, and the arts
-rampant cronyism and corruption coalescing around the ownership or control of government by one person or a tiny group of people

If you’re paying attention to what’s going on, this might sound uncomfortably familiar.

How exactly do y'all plan on stopping fascists? 

The same way anti-fascists have been stopping fascists for the last 90 years - by organizing our communities to oppose, confront, and disrupt their attempts to recruit, organize, and act on their dangerous and illegitimate beliefs.

Because, you’re not going to stop them by trying to censor and induce violence (Which is contradictory to your group)

Censorship is the governmental suppression of communication or information.  We don’t recall any anti-fascist group calling for this.  Perhaps you’re mixing up censorship with the position of “no platform for fascists.”  Here, let this stick figure explain things to you:

Violence doesn’t stop fascism, huh?  We know of a few hundred thousand people that might disagree with you about that.

I doubt there’s any real way to stop them, and they most definitely are not going to back off by what you guys are doing.

Fascists were stopped all over Europe in World War 2 and fascist groups have been stopped dead in their tracks and forced back into the holes they crawled out of by anti-fascists all over the world literally for decades now.  Maybe you should read up on anti-fascism before you draw conclusions that demonstrate how precious little you know about anti-fascist history.  Here’s a list of books you could start with.

They’re going to use it as ammo and cry censorship.

Which they have been doing for decades now.  But that dog don’t hunt anymore because opposition to people calling for genocide isn’t censorship - it’s the right thing to do.

Let’s say you’re right though - that anti-fascists are ineffective and nothing they do can stop fascists.  So what do you think should be done?


Can we all just take a minute to discuss the new Voltron. It’s amazing, and wonderful and pure and beautiful and perfect… just perfect.

Anywho, another Drawing Demo. Enjoy.


Gouache Drawing Timelapse: coffee with a Cat

nixian  asked:

You're one of the few people I've actually funded on patreon cause you're one of my biggest inspirations.. Can I know though if you've attended art classes or just found some tutorials? Cause seeing your perspective really makes me jealous of talent

heya thanks!! Michael Hampton’s Figure Drawing Design and Invention is one of the best books I’ve read on the subject, he lectures technical aspects while recommending personal touch to artists. Andrew Loomis’ book is talked about a lot and honestly, don’t be tricked by the old fashioned look of his illustrations; he really knows what he’s talking about (imo) in regards to feeling the space of a subject. Gottfried bammes has English translations of his books that I find personally really difficult… I probably have to check the vocabulary to make sure I understand it, but his anatomy drawing demonstrations are really good. Proko also does good stuff. I’m mostly self-taught.

An Analysis on Daggers: Gripping a Dagger

As requested, I will proceed to blurb about how to hold a dagger, I have even spent some time drawing some demonstrations on how to hold them as well.

Before we get started, I’d like to introduce the dagger. There are tons and tons of variations of the dagger as there is really no true standard in defining them other than a short one handed dagger (aka, smaller than a sword). While there are many variations of a “small handheld sword” I will e touching on two main types:

  • Parrying Dagger
  • Rondel Dagger

Keep in mind there are other techniques other than what I will touch upon, based on era, country, and dagger variations. I am just discussing how and why to hold a rondel or parrying dagger. Feel free to correct me, ask me questions, or add more to what I have to say.

So Let’s Get started!

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Crime Coefficient: Kougami’s Coded Cry for Help

The subtext of this scene was something I completely missed the first time I watched Psycho Pass. Upon rewatching this scene in the extended version of the first series, it becomes glaringly obvious that Kogami wanted - no - needed Akane to shoot him down. It wasn’t because he felt that he was spinning out of control as an enforcer. It had nothing to do with his willingness to to kill the woman in question. 

When he noticed Masaoka and Akane arguing about whether or not they should stun the victim, he didn’t try to back up Masoka’s argument as other enforcers on the team would. He opts for slowly walking towards the toward the recently raped “target” (now covered in the entrails of her assailant)  in complete silence. There would be no reason for anyone to suspect that he was doing anything other than his duty without complaint. He didn’t want to kill the victim, but without a direct order from Akane or Ginoza, there was nothing he could do but follow through with the orders of a system he lost faith in years ago.

I think he took notice of Akane’s convictions and decided to vet her as a potential ally in the long term. He doesn’t rush towards the victim. He approaches as calmly as possible rather than rush to her and shoot her with the dominator. He’s conspicuously calm and collected in a way that both draws Akane’s attention and demonstrates that simply approaching a victim with a dominator intended to help them is enough to raise their Crime Coefficient into the lethal range. 

The look he gives Akane before he shoots is was a prayer rather than a request for confirmation that he should follow through with the Sibyl System’s order. The fact that he pauses at all tips his hand with regard to his motive being an assessment of Akane.  It’s one thing to claw at Masaoka and beg him to stop, but it takes true conviction to shoot an enforcer whose acting in accordance with a flawed system. 

That’s why he was able to wake up with a smile a few days after being stunned. He had confirmation that Akane wasn’t just another idealistic rookie that would adopt Ginoza’s way of thinking for her own sake. Finally, he had a sliver of hope that he had someone who shared his convictions that he could take comfort in working with at least, and taking covert action to subvert the Sibyl System at best. 


pre: i see there’s a lot of EXO-Ls in my notifications so this one is for you guys! i hope you can find this relatable as that’s what this is for—exposing your deepest secrets on tumblr so we can all hold each other. if you enjoy, make sure to like and reblog! i’ll be following those who reblog from @mandopoppies ^^ (i hope you guys are thirsty for another :>>>)

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baekhyun stans:

  • saw bbh’s mullet and was like “this boy”
  • then they were like “oH THIS BOY”
  • come up with the most obscure tumblr usernames istg like “byunbaekhyunsleftbigtoe” 
  • but i mean they don’t care bc the rest of exo stans have gotten used to it and just accepted it so good job
  • they’re either horny or screaming there’s no inbetween
  • probably those people in your youtube comments like “aT 3:47 YOU CAN PAUSE AND SEE BAEKHYUN’S NIPPLE”
  • pretty soft when you first meet them but then
  • the moment you say you like exo they’re like oH YOU’RE IN FOR A REAL TREAT BITCH

chanyeol stans:

  • if their friend stans the beagle line you just know they’re probably staring at their computer monitor waiting for some fan to release leaked photos of chanyeol’s ass during the making of the ko ko bop m/v
  • probably want chanyeol to get a real tattoo because they look fucking hot as shit on him
  • in a few years i won’t be surprised if they have a kid and make the middle name something related to him
  • every day there’s 500 new chanyeol stans
  • competitive with other chanyeol stans
  • secretly stan jongin like cmon guys
  • their ovaries have to die at least 47 times daily otherwise they’ll punch someone
  • basically they’re always telling you that chanyeol is impregnating them through their ears and they can’t stop

jongdae stans:

  • why are there so little of you like wtf
  • like fucking there needs to be more jongdae stans because the jongdae stan community needs to have more thirsty screaming puppies otherwise i swear they’re gonna do something insane
  • probably read a xiuchen smut and wanted to find it again but couldn’t find it so they’re pissed
  • pissed themselves when mma misspelled his name and wanted to set fire to the comments section
  • i swear they’re always screaming
  • if they’re not screaming they’re probably pissing themselves over blonde jongdae
  • how do they get turned on by jongdae in 51 layers of clothes
  • know that eventually jongdae is gonna release a solo but can’t prepare their uterus for it

kyungsoo stans:

  • “he’s not satansoo he’s saintsoo”
  • treat !! him !! like !! the !! angel !! he !! is !!
  • one of the much more mature stans in the exo fandom but will lose their shit if you talk shit about his hair
  • deep in their confused hearts they have a soft spot for chanyeol and they know it
  • the church of kyungsoo is a wonderful place
  • have probably been in the exo fandom for awhile now
  • the type of people that wear earbuds or headphones without plugging them in because they want to show to you that they just don’t want to talk to you
  • if they’re actually listening to music don’t talk to them they will fight you

jongin stans:

  • always horny
  • they might as well live at church because they need to be blessed with holy water 24/7
  • extremely kinky
  • if jongin shows one centimetre of skin they’re instinctively wet
  • need to seek help
  • want him to be the father to their children
  • either read smut daily or write smut 
  • probably run a nsfw blog or at least follow one

kris stans:

  • sensitive kittens that need to be loved
  • probably pissed off at something or someone
  • read a smut where kris was a dom with bdsm in it and can’t stop reading smut at this point
  • turned on by him rapping
  • probably read gay taoris smut despite them not being into taoris all that much
  • “he deserved better”
  • still horny
  • idgaf attitude 25/7

yixing stans:

  • have so many funny yixing moments compilation videos (thx go fighting)
  • either love him because he’s innocent or love him because he’s innocently sexy
  • would gladly learn about “his biology”
  • have read a yixing fluff where he takes care of you when you’re sick and just went “aww”
  • or have read a yixing smut where he was dom and showed the fucking sexy ass side of his (probably included butt spanking)
  • know him for more than being exo’s dancer
  • yixing !! needs !! to !! be !! protected !!
  • giggle whenever he mispronounces something because he’s just so innocent and it’s just cute

luhan stans:

  • live for when pervhan comes out to play
  • even if they say they aren’t a hunhan shipper they are deep deep down (but they don’t know it)
  • probably like miracles in december and will play it when they’re sad
  • “how is he so talented”
  • died laughing when he did the rap from growl on exo showtime because they either cringed or found it genuinely funny
  • probably write smut in their free time
  • dreamed about having a kinky sex session with luhan because pervhan is just their idol
  • “that good good is a song about how good luhan’s dick is”

junmyeon stans:

  • probably multifandom
  • junmyeon with curly hair is their new aesthetic
  • they’re 80% of the time the most mature exo stans out of all of them and they embrace that fact
  • the type of people to happily draw out a graph demonstrating exo’s success because they’re both smart and proud
  • know that junmyeon can be a sexy beast but want to keep that fact hidden because they don’t want the other stans to stan him 
  • his abs 
  • probably like red velvet
  • don’t understand why people only see him as the leader and nothing else

sehun stans:

  • have probably made the wrong first impression due to their resting bitch face
  • either just joined the exo fandom today or been here forever
  • once they stanned sehun their fashion style probably changed dramatically
  • like cute things which scares people
  • aren’t scared to say that sehun is a brat
  • love the fact that he’s a brat and will roast him for that
  • but at the same time it’s only okay for them to say it not for the other stans to say it
  • roll their eyes when the other stans say there are too many bc there can never be too many sehun stans

tao stans:

  • shower in holy water
  • either left the fandom years ago, or are still here dwelling in old ot12 videos and sobbing while telling people to fuck off
  • really soft but just sensitive and scared
  • why are they so hard to find
  • annoyed bc people never saw how hard he worked
  • saw his reply to luhan on weibo and thought “aw he’s such a soft sweetie” 
  • need to be loved
  • the type of people that only listen to the chinese versions bc its the law

minseok stans:

  • love minseok for who he is not how he looks
  • overwhelmingly supportive to the point where it looks more like an appreciation campaign instead of fandom love
  • will gladly walk your ass into hell if you diss him
  • i swear every comeback the only thing they’re posting and talk about is how his voice is literal sex
  • but it’s not like we blame them bc everything they speak is truth
  • the type of people to end fanwars by posting a cute gif of minseok and being like “he asks you to stop arguing”
  • have probably read a fluff and was like “aw”
  • but then read smut and was like “mMMMM YES XIUDADDY I’M THIRSTY FOR YOU” snort

chanbaek stans:

  • so many of you
  • blog is almost entirely reblogs of chanbaek smut
  • if not chanbaek smut it’s proof that chanbaek is real

kaisoo stans:

  • real soft
  • the people that take screenshots of their favourite smuts to read later
  • playlist is almost entirely made of songs that flaunt kyungsoo’s vocals

chansoo stans:

  • find humor in chanyeol being harassed
  • strongly believe that chanyeol is now a bottom 
  • think that kyungsoo isn’t too soft anymore

hunhan stans:

  • emotional
  • have cried after watching an old video of hunhan
  • read hunhan fanfics and got the feels

xiuchen stans:

  • passionate af
  • “he’s like a wife to me” references 25/7
  • read a fluff and have found themselves in the eternal loop of smut fics and can’t stop

layhan stans:

  • saw yixing and luhan a few months ago laughing and are relieved
  • probably used to stan hunhan
  • ships them more as friends tbh

ot12 stans:

  • isn’t that 67% percent of the exo fandom if not more
  • miracles in december gets them in the feels
  • need a huggle

anonymous asked:

can you do a tutorial on how you do your coloring? like is it a one-layer painting style or something

Yeah sure I’d be happy to! This will be my first time doing an art tutorial so bear with me >_<

I have a few ways that I do my colouring, so I’m just gonna show the two styles I use more often. But honestly there are so many different ways to colour a drawing, and a lot of what you learn is through constant experimentation.

Anyways first things first: I use my iPad pro to do my fanart, and I use an app called procreate along with an apple pencil (cause it’s pretty convenient). 

But no worries, even if you are using a software on your computer, the basics are about the same. Most programs have layers, brush opacity options, and you can probably find some similar brushes to work with (I don’t do anything really fancy).


This is a simpler, quicker option that I use to colour line art sometimes, there aren’t many layers and it retains the looseness of the original drawing. This demonstration is done with a drawing of everyone’s fav hatstand: Nakahara Chuuya.

So I do linework with the flat marker option on procreate, usually my first layer is very rough and is there just to get the general shapes in place. 

Then I change the opacity of the rough sketch layer so that it’s semi translucent, and I do a cleaner line work version on a layer above.

Then, I usually change the colour of the background to act as a base tone for the colours I put on top. 

Working on a single layer underneath the line work layer, I use semi opaque washes of colour with the round brush option. This is usually pretty rough, it doesn’t have to be neat, I mainly focus on finding the lights and darks of the painting. I like layering semi-translucent brushstrokes to try and get some tonal variation. 

I’ve done this demonstration in monochrome to make this easier to follow. But the same can be done with a colour layer directly under your line art.

Afterwards I touch the drawing up and add some emphasis with some white highlights.

At this point, you could leave the drawing be or you could cheat I mean *coughs* have a little fun and experiment with some colour adjustments and filters like I did here.  I just increased the red colour balance, and added a typical apple chrome filter onto the drawing to get this result (hey it looks more interesting this way don’t judge).

Also I forgot Chuuya’s choker and added it last minute (proud of myself)


Ok, so when I wanna get a fully coloured drawing I usually use this technique, much more layers involved but not too complicated? It def takes up more time than simply drawing one line art layer, but I like the results cause the colours blend together nicely when you colour it in.

Ok so instead of cleaning up the rough sketch with a single black line art layer, I basically do the line art in a colour that complements what I will colour with later. Usually this is a colour a tad bit darker than the base colour I will use.

I separate the line art on different layers: for the face, the hair, the clothes ect, to make it easier to work with later.

Then I get to the general colouring. I tend to split things up this way: 

1. Fill in the shape with a base colour

2. Add shadows and highlights with a semi opaque brush

3. Touch things up with a thinner brush and add some more details and highlights.

Remember to work underneath each line work layer.

Basically I repeat this process for the skin, hair, clothes ect. Once again, I like layering semi opaque brushstrokes to get more tonal variation, or variation in colour. It also adds more texture to the painting. 

In terms of choosing colours, Idk how to give that much advice about it cause I usually just follow my instincts. Anyways I tend to think of the colours I work with on a scale of light to dark, I never really like using generic colours out of colour sets, and I prefer choosing from a colour wheel.

When I’m done colouring, I merge the layers, clean up the painting and add some final touches. Once again, I like playing around with colour adjustments and background colours.

Anyways the results of this tutorial are two very different looking Chuuyas (I’m never consistent with how I draw characters wtf) He looks traumatised or confused tbh >_> but oh well this was a colouring tutorial, he served his purpose.

I am not saying that this is the best way to colour, it’s just how i’ve chosen to colour my drawings so far. There are plenty of of other ways to colour artworks that are way more amazing *_*

and tbh when I’m colouring most of the time idk what the result will be and I just tweak things as I go (so don’t be afraid if the colouring isn’t going the way you want it to because you might be pleasantly surprised at the end)

So yeah…. there you go. I hope this helps? Or I might have just made you feel tired and confused because of my long art rambling post.


Another book I like to sometimes return to, 

The Artist’s Complete Guide to Drawing the Head by William Maughan

For me, personally, it doesn’t click as well as A.Ryder’s style (but there are plenty of people who dislike Ryder on the other hand) but it still is one of the books I think it’s worth buying, or at least lending in a library to check out. It covers good basics, form, light and talks about old masters’ techniques as well, so even if you’re not particularly into portraits, it’s worth giving it a read at least once.

A quote from the beginning:


In the “Introduction” you will become acquainted with the drawing method, including its historical roots, and the materials you will use to draw a head. In the first chapter, “Principles of Chiaroscuro,” the basic principles of the drawing method are described in depth, including the relationship between value and form, form- and cast-shadows, and shadow edges. In the second chapter, “Principles of Drawing the Head,” you will be taught how to successfully pose, light, and foreshorten the head, and how to create a lively composition using value pattern and negative space.

The third chapter, “The Drawing Process, Step-by-Step,” focuses on gesture, proportions, and, to a great extent, the features of the head. Anatomy is knowledge, and the more knowledge you have of the structure you are drawing, the greater will be your ability to recognize the shadows created by that structure. However, knowledge alone is not enough. My family physician can name every bone and muscle in the body, but he can’t draw well. Though the edges of shadows will be visible if you observe them closely, your observation will be enhanced by your knowledge of anatomy. But ultimately, if the shadow shapes, which are the result of light on form, are correct in size, shape, and placement, they will describe the anatomy for you accurately.

The fourth chapter, called “Putting It All Together,” puts all that you’ve learned into practice. It’s about doing. You will find four demonstration drawings, suggestions on how to criticize your own work constructively, practice ideas, and thoughts about how to take your drawing to the next level of subtlety. The fifth chapter, “Drawing from Multiple Sources,” teaches you how to combine life, photo reference, and your imagination to create a realistic “likeness” of something that is both real and imagined. The resulting composite drawings are not likenesses in the sense of traditional portraiture, but rather are realistic renderings of nonreal subjects.

The final chapter, “Working with Color,” introduces you to pastel painting. Since drawing in value is a crucial developmental step in learning to paint, the material in this chapter is a natural progression from learning about putting the principles of chiaroscuro into practice. Working with pastel, the same medium you will have used in the first five chapters, you will make the transition from drawing the head in a four-value scale to painting the head in color.