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Taking a small break

Firstly i’d like to apologize for being so quiet lately. I know I posted that update where I said I would be catching up on everything I missed but some personal stuff happened. Its left me drained so i’ve trying to take it easy. I still don’t feel 100% so i’ll be gone for a week or two until I am. Until then i’ll be unusually quiet and won’t be posting anything.

I don’t have a lot of motivation to draw right now so i’ll prob be playing some video games (for once lol), focus on my chinchillas more, and work on clay roses until then. I won’t stop drawing completely, i’ll still doodle but i won’t be posting anything. It’s best this way so I don’t burn myself out and lose interest completely. Sorry I hope you all understand.

Until then I wish you all the best! :)

Also, unrelated but I love these ;’D

Also Digit and Pixie being cute ;w;

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Finished the Sokka image! … and I think doing the shadow first is better than doing the highlights first.

Also, I am 100% certain that the coloring style I’ve been using for the last few portraits is the style I want to use for my comics. It’s a very simple way to color, so from here on out, I’ve decided to draw more characters per week! On Tuesdays, I’ll draw sketches of 4 characters and from Wed-Sat, I’ll post a completed drawing each day with a video of all the drawings on Saturday.

Suggest characters for me to draw here: http://aeridis.tumblr.com/ask/


I have completed my drawing of Kat as a mage from Awakening, therefore my project of drawing Kat as classes from Fire Emblem is complete. Thanks to the people who made suggestions, though I only used the classes suggested by solrollink-blog, so a big thanks to him I guess.

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I think the anon might have had trouble drawing noses in general but doesn't want to draw completely realistically as opposed to already knowing how to draw realistically and struggling with semi-realistic styles but idk

Yes, that’s probably the case :) Well, if that anon knows how to draw noses realistically, then the whole trick is to make everything simpler and focus on the shape which shouldn’t be very hard. And if they don’t know how to draw realistic noses it’s always good to learn how to do that first. But either way, I doubt I can add anything new to all the things that can be found on the internet.


the most romantic interaction i’ve ever had in skirmish: when enemy genji used swift strike on me, then ran to a health pack and shot shurikens at it, telling me to use it


Part Two, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮

Part Three will be out and will be the last one! Shit getting real is all I’m promisin’. 


Lance who was raised in the city is sent to work on a farm for the summer. He thinks that Keith the guy running the place is gonna be some old crazy guy, so he’s really not too excited. 

Turns out Keith is some kind of FARMER GOD AND HE FALLS HARD (until he finds out that Keith is really snarky, and the bickering ensues)


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*


It’s a real get-together.

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

wowie.. haven’t drawn much on my tablet since that boba tea drawing of jack i did before xmas.. my hard drive got fried, so i had to get a new one ;-; there goes 74$ from my bank account :’)
Also, sorry if the colors are off.. my monitor’s color stuff seems to be wrong and idk really how to get it to the correct colors, but it’s whatever i guess.. at least i can draw now…



Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.