drawing by ipad

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Do you have any apps i can download on an Ipad for digital art? D: cause im too broke to buy an art tablet

my favorite app to draw on an iPad when i still used it for art was Procreate (its around $8 i believe but its really really good), there’s also Sketchclub (about $3 and it also has a cool community where you can create an account and post stuff on it, i remember everyone was super friendly on there), Medibang Paint Pro apparently has an app version of it, there’s also Ibis Paint (not my favorite but I used it a couple times and its free), and Drawcast (also free and it was my first drawing app/art community i joined back in 2011)

Change of plans, I guess?

Yo, guys! Not mega important, but I thought I’d give you an update of what’s going on with me rn? Basically I’m transferring university courses… and universities… and I’ll be studying illustration instead of fashion design! Basically, apart from issues with my course in general, I think I’ll benefit more from studying illustration, because drawing is what I love to do and I’d like to develop those skills further!

Hopefully I’ll be much happier in my new uni, I’ve already visited it cos it’s much closer and it looks amazing, and just happier in general. Also, I’m job hunting rn to save up money for more drawing supplies (including a new iPad Pro, so expect a lot of digital sketches!)

So yah, no biggie, but just letting you know what’s happening ☺💖