drawing babes


some inktober tribute doodles while my tablet was outta commission for a couple days there lol. now let’s see here…

- alya and marinette outfits based on cosplay by @an0riel and @chikara_chan on twitter :D/
- aged up alya based on WDDM designs by @edendaphne and @midnightstarlightwrites
- also i’d be lying if i said my chibis weren’t totally inspired by @mardimari‘s adorable art ;0;/

April OTP
  • Person A: I'm going to confess today!
  • Person C: OMG! Finally, do it before you loose that confidence!
  • ...
  • Person A: B? I have to tell you something...
  • Person B: yes? What is it?
  • Person A: I love you!
  • Person B: Yeah right, haha! April fools, I'm not falling for it. *walks Away*
  • Person c: oh, right, maybe you shouldn't do it today buddy.
OTP ten
  • Person A: Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only TEN-I-SEE. *wink's, finger guns, the whole sha-bang.*
  • Person B: *actually clueless* Oh, well, they are from Tennessee too. *points to group*
  • Person A: ...(second attempt) Did it hurt?
  • Person B: Did what hurt??
  • Person A: when you fell from heaven? *smolder look*
  • Person B: ... Did you just call me Satan..?
  • Person C: *coughing fit of laughter, behind A*

they never get anything done

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day