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Fill-a-Page February day 23!

I was in a Kuroo kind of mood today. His hair is such a disaster zone omg.

Hi guys!

I’m going to RDC for the first time, I’m coming alone and I don’t really know anyone. If any of you want to meet me, message me here maybe?

Also, I’ll bring some postcards with my latest drawing to give away.

Can’t wait to finally see you all!

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Jumin x V headcanonssss? *grins at you*

Hey Anon! Sorry for the late reply! Gomennn~ *bows* So here are the Jumin x V headcanons or how I like to call this ship < The bittersweet pile of dreams >:

- As everyone knows about Jumin and V, they are childhood friends so they both shared many clubs together when they were little, such as music and art club. While V was painting at a table with other kids, Jumin was learning to play the piano in the same room.

Yes, but now imagine V that stays extra hours so he will leave with Jumin. When his group leaves, he likes to admire Jumin practicing his piano sheets and getting enraptured in the song, so he starts drawing his friend. One day, he painted 5 pages on his sketchbook. One of the drawings he gave to Jumin as a reward for his beautiful performance.

Jumin still has that drawing put away in a secret box where he has more memories about them, like pictures with them or random stuff, one of V’s first polaroid, old candy wrapping they used to eat after club activities on their way back home, Elizabeth’s first hairbrush + many others.

At the end of the year they both got the opportunity to show their talents, so V had some of his paintings exposed on the walls, one of them featuring his best friend. His parents were so proud, they both came to see his little exposition anonymously buying his art.

Jumin came to see his drawings too, and was flattered, but also a little embarrassed to see the painting with him, wanting to buy it with his pocket money but the auction was over.

Jumin had a little concert at the end of his courses, where his parents couldn’t attend from too many ‘reasons’ (hint: divorce). So V asked his parents to come with him and see Jumin playing the piano. In middle of the song, V’s father gave him his camera to take photos of his friend. V didn’t put the camera down from his little hands all the rest of the night.

Jumin thanked V’s family for being there trying to hide the little sad monster that was growing inside him, but having V as a best friend also implies being invited at his home and celebrating their success with cake.

- When V is on a trip with Rui for their work, Jumin feels lonelier than any day so lets the TV on VH1 love songs to play on the background as he wanders the room in only a pair of worn out gym pants and starts dancing on the beat.

Sometimes he surprises V by dropping by where he works with Rui.

- Jumin wears glasses while reading at home or while doing his paperwork and hates them for making him look older. It haunts him that one day he will need them on a daily basis and it kind of reminds him of his father. He tries to wear them as little as possible.

- At the opposite corner we have V that finds Jumin + glasses = such a turn on. He likes the mature look on Jumin and never loses any chance to snap some pictures of him while he is working with those glasses slowly sliding off his nose, looking like a teacher.

- Both of them love role-playing. Their favorite scenario is high school themed. V as a student that is on the edge of failing his class and teacher Jumin that has to discipline the rebellious artistic soul. Sometimes they play the famous photographer and the poor model that needs to make a living by selling his body. This one ends with a very emotional V that can’t take it and hugs Jumin tightly, promising him that everything will be alright.

- What this two guys love more than drinking and staying in the sun like two lovely flowers + the snowy feline that purrs between them, just making the world look more beautiful? Well…they love…Shoppinggg~ Okay, I know it might sound very snobby mean girls kind of shopping but it’s not. While going out they look like two normal teenagers, wearing casual clothes, but carrying too many bags.

Sometimes, they both surprise each other with little purchases, like V buying a cat with sunglasses shirt for him. Or the cactus pattern Jumin gave him on Valentine’s.

- But imagine, Jumin wearing one of V’s cardigans and taking a break at Starbucks enjoying their coffees when Jaehee and Zen pass by them.

Zen : “Look! It’s V there! But…who is that guy next to him? “

Jaehee narrowing her eyes as the ‘Jumin is near’ sense kicks in:”I might be wrong but I think that is…Mister Han.”

Zen blinking befuddled, not believing her words: “What THE?!…No way! That…gosh…Is this another way of his to take a piss on less rich people? God! I hate him so much…” he adds, more flustered. “ He should thank V for giving him some sense of fashion.“

- Surprise gifts on random days! YES! Cause everyone deserves to be surprised after a long day of work, no matter how easy or hard it was!

- All the RFA was dragged by Zen to see Fifty Shades Darker. (except 707 that already saw it. Taaadaaammm! The upside of being a hacker ;) ) Zen pointing out that Jumin reminds him too much of Mister Grey and this was the comment that started up Jumin bitching the whole movie and Zen’s poor choices in movies. But, Jumin low-key imagined the whole movie with him and V.

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )

Signing ain’t easy
I got this modern/hipster AU in my head where link is mute and Zelda is trying to learn the sign language to be closer to him !

EDIT : OFC if you know some good modern fics tell me !! <3
EDIT 2 : I have read the 2 fics that were proposed and holy hell was it good !

Today is the one year anniversary of me posting my very first Haikyuu!! fanart (iwaoi, of course!). I wish I had the time to mark the date properly since it’s been a pretty momentous year for me, but alas, this will have to do. 

Thank you all so much for supporting me <3