drawing at the bars


Akiko Higashimura (artist of Princess Jellyfish) on why she draws so fast.

Such an idol. Get it done!

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

Bright lights that won’t kill me now


Part 1
More doodles from my other fantasy au i did for fun ~ 

Drawing 1: There was a big argument at a bar about Victor being an imposter but Yuuri just left and sat outside on a bench where a masked men followed him and asked what he personally thought.
Like i already said,Yuuri still isn’t convinced that Victor fooled them all.(just like Phichit and more)

D2: The man visits him again for some reason??

D3: It’s a world where you should never ever trust someone who’s masked, I promise it ends to 83% deadly.

D4: Yuuri doesn’t have much time until he has to move to layer 4 (because he has not enough money anymore), a place even worse than where he lives now already.There will be almost no freedom.

D5: Just like Victor, Yuuri is secretly a skilled fighter and could do great things to make the empire a little better but yeah, he lacks confidence…


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSug5wb4Umo)

a look at my representation of chara (and others)

I just finished this animated illustration for Collectif Rockabilly ‘s drawing contest :) These original characters belong to Collectif Rockanilly artists :
Hank © MIG
April © Ellana
Barbara © Rozenn illustration
Jack © Rozenn illustration
Cherry © Emy Folie & Fei
Blueberry © Nephyla
Betty © Aube

Here are some cheeky wee organisation hacks I’ve used in the past few years!

[Image: a pair of neatly rolled up jeans, to be placed in a drawer.] 

For those of you who find folding up clothes difficult, a simple solution is to roll them! Try to tuck the sleeves for tops out of the way and fold trousers in half first. I’d say to avoid using this hack for any clothes that need to stay crisp and crease-free, though.

[Image: a sheet of paper with various assignment tasks such as “research” and “interview” placed into a timeline. Part of the timeline has been shaded in to show progress.]

I kept myself on track with my assignments in my last semester by drawing a sort of loading-bar in my notebook and writing in each task. The more important they were to the assignment, the bigger I’d make them, and I’d colour/shade them in as I went along.

It meant that when I froze up and wasn’t sure what I was doing, I could go back to the sheet. You don’t just have to use this for assignments, either! You could do this for projects or even bigger tasks like moving house.

[Image: a smartphone takes a photo of a weekly rota. “Tip: set the image as your unlock screen!”]

Useful for classes, work, and even chores if need be! I know there are a lot of apps out there for keeping your day-to-day plans organised, but I personally find it a chore to type them all into my phone one by one.

If there’s already a rota made up (either on your school/uni/college website, or at your work) then it’s easier to just take a picture on your smartphone and swipe to it whenever you’re unsure. You could even set it as a background!

[Image: a clothes peg is used to hold letters and appointment cards, and is then stuck to a wall at eye level, using adhesives. “Put later appointments at the back and sooner ones at the front”.]

I’ve used this one for about two years, and haven’t regretted it so far: I bought some pretty decorative clothes pegs, and then used blu tac to stick it to my wall, at eye level. You could use glue-dots, or string, or whatever you find works, so long as it is vertical and at eye level.

Every time I have an appointment, I put it inside the peg, with the soonest meetings at the front. As each date arrives, I then take the letter/appointment cards out and take them with me!

Feel free to reblog with your own tips, and if you’d like any illustrated feel free to send us an ask! - Mod Tea

Hopper’s blue bracelet

So I noticed this and I wasn’t sure if anyone else had talked about it yet: the blue bracelet that looks like a friendship bracelet or something that Hopper wears on his wrist (watch on the left wrist, the blue bracelet on the right- in every scene.) 

Seen here in his opening scene (not too long after seeing Sarah’s drawing on the wall) 

And here, in the bar scene, where he’s lying about Sarah winning the spelling bee to try to get info from the guy who found Will’s body. 

And here, a third time, in the flashback with Sarah in the hospital. 

Now, I was thinking, to play devil’s advocate, maybe it’s just an old bracelet, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with Sarah, but in the earliest flashback we see: 

No bracelet. (His watch is on the other wrist- I checked) 

Which means at some point in Sarah’s treatments, he acquired the bracelet (whether it was given to him by her, or his wife, or one of them made it?) And he still has it on, 5 years later.

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Ok so:

  • Nursey has a tumblr.  It’s pretty much all hipster aesthetic shit and dumb vines. With a li’l bit of like, hockey gifs.
  • Dex knows about Nursey’s tumblr.  It’s not a secret.  But he’s never said anything about it to Nursey, so Nursey assumes he doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t read it.
  • But of course HE DOES.  Because Dex is stupidly into Nursey.  
  • At this point though, they’ve known each other for a year and a half, and have been friends for at least half of that time.  And Dex has been into Nursey for most of that time, but they got off to such a rough start that he was sort of in denial for a while.
  • ANYWAY, he’s getting really fucking sick of pretending he doesn’t want to make out with Nursey, and date the heck out of him.  But he doesn’t know how to start that conversation.
    • “I’m really glad we’re bros now, can I kiss you?” (too Holster-ish) 
    • “Hey, nice pass.  Wanna make out?” (he’s not Jack Zimmermann)
  • SO he sees this post one day after having to spend an entire afternoon in Founder’s with Nursey who was wearing that one sweater (you know the one, it makes him look so dreamy)
  • And he marches straight to the Haus, to Lardo’s room.  He doesn’t say anything, just pulls up Nursey’s tumblr on his phone, shows Lardo the post, and sighs wearily.  She says “Fuck yeah, we’re doing this,” and gets out her clippers.  
  • That night Dex shows up at Nursey’s door in ripped jeans, a tight black t-shirt, a nervous smile, and a mohawk. 
  • Nursey dies.  They live happily ever after.


“That’s the problem with drinking, I thought,
as I poured myself a drink.
If something bad happens
you drink in an attempt to forget;
if something good happens
you drink in order to celebrate;
and if nothing happens
you drink to make something happen.”

Charles Bukowski , Women


I felt a comic strip reference to this scene from the movie Step Brothers was the perfect way to depict how I think Finnick would react to Nick becoming a cop :)