drawing at 5 am is not good idea


I started the Modern Wicthes Art Challenge (created by Vicky Pandora from Modern Witches Daily blog)

I’ve got no idea what I am doing witch these doodles but I guess that’s a good pretext to experimentation (good or bad…)

- Day 1 : Witchsona
- Day 2 : an altar
- Day 3 : a Familiar
- Day 4 : a working place
- Day 5 : a witchcraft tool

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Pretty sure your inbox is full with the cute headcanons so I'm gonna drop in something different. Imagine years after the main plot and everything is said and done, Sakuya lives with Mahiru and Kuro. The three bond with each other. Mahiru especially tries to make Kuro and Sakkun to get along and it slowly works along the year. So when Mahiru finally dies (out of old age or an accident, you're choice), Sakuya and Kuro are left to comfort each other from the pain of losing of their sunshine :'D


I don’t want to imagine Mahiru dying ;__; but if I had to pick a way I would say old age. (cause at least he gets to live a fuller life that way. ahhhhh my heart someone kill me now) BUT ON A LIGHTER NOTE I cracked myself up imagining Mahiru starting tower over both of them as he gets older.  I even made some quick sketches for it cause its too good to think about:

(I am unsure about Mahi’s height cause manga said 5′4 but wiki said 5′5 but who cares)

Who knows if Mahiru gets REALLY tall or not, but the thought of it just makes me giggle so hard. Poor little vampires stuck in their teenaged bodies forever.

how does one draw an older Mahiru??? I doubt he would change that much because simple™ lolololol

Sakuya and Kuro are not sure how to feel here. Also like you said anon, I really like idea of Kuro and Sakuya becoming closer over the years, especially after Mahiru passes. Not becoming romantically involved or anything, I imagine a more platonic love. That’s way better for them in my opinion. Besides Mahiru always did want them to get along. ;w;

This is exactly what I have planned for my “After End” AU~ (well, minus seeing Mahiru’s death) just a bunch of cute and random domestic life things from these 3, and the petty competition for Mahiru’s attention that goes on for awhile. HAHAHAAAHHA.

I have a lot of ideas for this because of how much I love both individual ships and this ot3 in general~ <3 Thank you for sending anon now I will go cry some more.

I want you all to know im very sorry... I promise that i didn’t start out planning to draw this.

I just wanted to draw Socks and it just turned into this. I have no idea what this is or why i drew this but im putting it in queue because it currently 5:00 am (probably why this got out of hand). I don’t even know why i spent 3 hours drawing this but here ya go.

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Tutorial: how to draw a bokutowl

alright my dudes i’m about to blow your minds with this bokuto tutorial alright.

Step 1:  first of all you gotta start with the circle thing everyone does the circle thing so we’re doing that

Step 2: after the circle thing you draw a horned owl. just. draw the owl.

Step 3: add some shades to your owl, we want some depth in this right

Step 4: draw the line art for your bokutowl on top of your other owl and BAM bokuto. 

Step 5(optional): when you’re done with your bokutowl, match him up with your other owl. have nightmares for the rest of your fuckign life.


“Hey, Lunch Lady Jasper. Still giving people diarrhea for a living? Good job.”

it was 5 am and i loved the idea of Van Buren Gems idk why MPGIS gems ;;  i couldn’t be bothered to think of the rest of the cast ahah if anyone wants to add

ID #44135

Name: Sol
Age: 15, 16 in July
Country: Argentina

I’m really bad at describing myself but here I go: I’m a INFJ latina girl who dreams about studying in NY and travelling around the world.
I’m totally in love with dogs and I have one named Donna.
I watch/ed a lot of series like: TWD, Once Upon a Time, Riverdale, Sherlock, Glee, Modern Family, etc. and I’d really like to add more to the list(:
I like to sing, draw, write about anything, sleep and hug stuffed animals(????).
My first language is spanish but i go to English classes since I’m 5 years old and I think this is a good idea to improve it.

Preferences: Age: 15-17
Snail mail! It’s been months since i got my last letter.
Any gender is fine as long as you are open-minded, kind and in no way homophobic or racist
(please tell me your pronouns i don’t want to offend anyone)

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birgittechow did u learn to draw because i am Bad and you are Amazing so i need ur advice

hi!!! I was gonna answer this yesterday but I wanted to actually be helpful so I tried to make some quick sketches to illustrate what i mean!! thank u sm for liking my art!! ❤

1. I’ve been drawing every day for the past months and I feel like I’ve really made progress bc of that compared to how fast I was getting better before! U don’t have to make a full portrait every day or anything like that but it’s a good idea to take maybe 5 minutes to do a sketch or something! I usually carry around post it notes when im not home so when i get ideas i do a quick sketch for it so i remember it later!

2. use lots of references!!! It’s super important to use references imo, like don’t trace but look at pictures and try to draw what you see or adapt that to your picture. After a while you kinda know what it’s supposed to look like, because you have practice, so you can rely less on references. But often when I make up the poses 100% myself in pictures, I’ll still try to find a reference to look at afterward to double check, because often the way bodies actually work looks different than how i imagine in my head lmao. 

3. this drawing is Not Good but here are some pointers for face proportions! I know a lot of people (including me before) think eyes are halfway down the face, nose is halfway between that and mouth is halfway between nose and chin (u could say mouth is halfway between nose TIP and chin tho), but thats usually not the case. All of this can vary a bit tho depending on ethnicity or nose shape etc


here’s how I draw eyes in a very simplified sketch form! Mostly did this because I wanted to point out a few things: 1. pls draw the little thing below the eyes (i think its called waterline) it makes a huge difference!! 2. dont forget to shade the eyeball, its really easy if you just treat the eyeball like what it is: a ball, basically! 3. shade the waterline too! and the lower eyelid. Shading eyelids is simple when u think about it, it’s darkest by the upper eyelid crease and by the inner corner/nose area, and lightest in the middle of both eyelids and on the brow bone 4. eyelashes dont grow straight, they sort of go down before they go up and they usually grow in sections of a a few eyelashes. On the bottom eyelid they go up a little bit before they go down. 5. The iris is darkest where it meets the eyelid and around the edges of the iris and the edges of the pupil. 

5. always plan the light and shading even if it seems obvious!! I didn’t do this before but now I always do it and it helps out a ton! I’m going to use this sketch as an example of how that looks. I do the lines/sections for shade in one layer, and then the light lines/sections in another layer. Then I paint over those lines in a layer over it, but below the lineart layer.

I don’t do this when Im actually gonna make a full drawing of it, but I’ve filled in the sections so u can see what is what, since the drawing above is pretty confusing:

I do this very roughly and then i clean it up later, so it often ends up looking different than the original sketch, but its still helpful because if i was just improvising i wouldnt have anything to clean up and I’d end up with the first version of shading/light as the finished version, if that makes sense! 

i also do this with portraits:

6. I think doing palette challenges etc is a very good way to learn a bit more about light and shading so I’d recommend that!! It’s also good for people who arent good with colour (me lmao I have no idea what I’m doing)

7. I like to do a basic sketch and then the entire rest of the sketch in anotherlayer with the basic sai brush on about 80% opacity, and then removing the basic sketch. It ends up like this: (I did have to edit this to make it darker tho because it came out really light)

but ive only recently started doing this, before i used to use a pencil that imitated real life pencils for lineart lmao

8. I cant do lineart for shit, so if I want actual nice smooth lineart I do it somewhat roughly with the pencil tool and then erase extra lines and blend along the edges with a small brush tool so it looks smooth and nice. I did it messily here which gave it a softer look compared to the sketch i showed earlier:

and then more precisely here:

9. you can use yellow for lighting 99% of the time, that’s what i do if i dont know what else to use (and tbh i tend to pick yellow anyway because I think it gives the nicest result), but keep in mind whether you’re using a cool toned yellow or a warm toned one. putting the layer setting to luminosity and setting the opacity low works very well for lighting. You can also use dark blue on layer setting “shade” and low opacity for shading 99% of the time

thats all I can think of and I’m sorry this is long, I’m not very good at explaining lmao but I hope this was helpful anyway!!!


Tucker Appreciation Week: Day 5 - Celebration  

I had no idea what I could draw for this day, I was sitting and staring at sai and then this came out

Well it has something to do with celebration :^)

im gonna put this under a readmore just because its a lot bt!! its happy venting!!

i am in a very good place in my life rn where i feel very good about my art constantly!! i draw a lot more and im filled with inspiration for once!!!!! i got a 4 on my ap art test and i have no idea what that means for me but im happy about it!!!!!!!!!! i cleaned my room a little bit and did a lot of laundry and just glancing over at my closet filled w shirts just makes me happy!!!!!!! and im gonna see my internet friends of 5/6 yrs for the first time in almost a week!!!! and then were gonna see the mcelroys together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it hasnt all hit me yet but im lovin life rn and i feel very good about the future both in my college/career and personal life!!! everything will be okay !!


@peachylevi @theredstarassassin @yanderr02 @teatimewithamz I SAY 5 THINGS THAT I HATE ABOUT MYSELF,, ITS WAY EASIER
OK hoo boi here we go
1)My creativity, i can get quite nice ideas for drawings and posters
2)My dimples, idk just poped in ma head
3)i am quite a kind person so ya i guess that is noice
4)hmmmmn this is hard,,,, u can consider me as a very smart person thag gets real good grades
5)i swear by this point idk what to write,,, umnnnnnn,,, i can draw quite well and i am very passionate about it

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Ohh, congratulations! This is such a gOOD idea! I am a woman and would like to be shipped with a male character from Teen Wolf (I don't mind if it's NSFW). I’m roughly 5’9” with very long light blonde hair and bluish-green eyes. I'm rather quiet and regarded as a bit of a loner but those that are close to me see a softer side as opposed to the unforgiving front I put up. I love to draw, read, write (and chocolate); however I dislike loud, social events and 'fake' people. Thank you, lovelies!

I ship you with: Derek Hale

Originally posted by stilessderek

Never one to drag someone where they didn’t want to go, Derek was more than happy to stay home with you while the rest of Beacon Hills was celebrating the new year. Especially when the party the two of you had been invited to, was being thrown by none other than Lydia Martin.

After pizza and some wine, you started to sketch Derek as he rubbed your feet. You hadn’t sketched much; his strong face and wide shoulders, when his hands started to travel higher, fingers pushing into your delicate skin, pulling raspy moans from you.

The new year arrived with Derek between your shaking thighs, his grunts and moans blowing through your hair, and your nails scratching his back, spilling blood.

Written by: mamapeterson

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apolllo jsutice for the ask thing?


2) on a scale of 1-10 how excited do I get when I see them:  10.  Apollo is my fave.  I hope he’s not just written out of the series because I am Worried about that.

3) would i smooch:  Hmm…Potentially.  Maybe.  I don’t know.

4) have I drawn/written about them/should i draw/write about them:  I’ve not drawn or written about them.  I don’t think my drawing skills are good enough to draw Apollo, and as for writing, I can’t think of any ideas right now.

5) voice HC if they don’t have a voice already:  Hmm….I don’t really have a voice headcanon.  I think his voice from the games was fine.

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I’m an Aquarius born in 1996. I’m 4'10.5" tall and have chocolate brown eyes, long auburn red hair, and lots of freckles. I’m usually a very friendly person, but I can be shy around people I don’t know well. I have a dry sense of humor and can be really sarcastic at times. I have no idea how to take a compliment and get very flustered whenever I am paid one. I’m a Science Major, but I also enjoy the Arts. I’m pretty good with technology and I love to draw, dance, bake, and read. Also clumsy af



He’d be able to take your dry humor without thinking too much into it. He’d even slap it right back to a certain extent just so you knew he could keep up. He’d think it was fascinating how you knew so much about science since it wasn’t something he was very familiar with and would listen intently to you explain how things work, making sure to pay you compliments since its cute when your flustered. 

Finally a ref of my sona (which is literally just me but I can turn into a dragon)

Some people have been drawing me with no ref and I thought it’d be a good idea to make one to make things a lil easier! c: I’ll draw another for my dragon form too.

Earrings on left ear only (irl its right but Im so used to the mirror being opposite aha c’:), Usually dresses as either feminine or masculine and rarely dresses androgynous. Nothing really encourages one or the other, just whatever mood Im in. I am a shortie, 5"1 and my dragon-form is not that much bigger than me, maybe 6"? 

Green eyes and green fire (Can breathe fire in human form too)

That’s more or less it! 8D

Disclaimer: I have no idea how any of this tumblr stuff works.  I am bad at such things.  

but yeah #thecabalcabal is having a countdown of themes until book 5 of the Johannes Cabal series comes out Tuesday and I figured it was good a time to kick the artistic rut to the curb.  The theme for today was “Disarm”  I think he did quite well at that.

I decided that it would be best if I stuck to the silhouette style for the Necromancer of some little infamy because every time I try to draw what he looks like in my head I rip up papers in frustration and go huddle in a corner for a while.

I am titling this little thing “Tinkerbell Lights the Night”. I saw this amazing digital art piece by Jeca Martinez and got the idea for this crossover. I spent about 5 hours working on it, and idk I think it turned out pretty good, let me know what you think!


hello! it is me, jasmine! (aka vanillesbian.tumblr.com) for many years i have been drawing. and for many of those years, my art looked awful!


my art does not look too awful anymore! so why not sell it? “that’s a good idea” i told myself, one day, and that day was today!

  • i will sell black and white sketches for one (1) dollar (examples can be seen in the image above)
  • i will sell full color images for five (5) dollars (examples can also be seen in the image above)

note that I will not draw not safe for work stuff, and i am kinda sucky at drawing animals (i could make the attempt but it might be disappointing and a waste of your dollars.)

nonetheless, if you are interested, please shoot me an ask, and feel free to reblog this!

Criminal Minds

I have been a fan of Criminal Minds since 2008. It all started for me when I saw a promo for CM during a commercial break on NCIS. I had a glimpse of a tall, dark man and thought I should give this show a try. From that on, that was it for NCIS, my new show was CM.

I watched for Thomas Gibson and his character of Aaron Hotchner. Yes Thomas good looks is what did draw me in but it was the character that fascinated me. Hotch is the idea I had of what a FBI agent should be. Dedicated to bringing unsubs to justice. Passionate about the job. Good husband and great father. He would stand up to the brass when needed and was loyal to his team.

I am happy that I got to see CM live on tv, you know the old way we use to watch on Wednesday nights ;) I would refuse to answer the phone from 9-10pm, with time friends and family stop calling during CM. Season 1 to 5 were the best years where the writing was not just the best but very creative, so was the acting.

Everything started to go downhill when Bernero left and Messer took over. First, CBS decided to fire A J Cook and Paget Brewster. This was my first inkling that CM, the CM I loved was something of the past. Still Thomas was on CM and I continued to watch. When they rehired AJ and Paget I thought that maybe things would be great again, despite a some weak writing. I was wrong. Slowly what used to be a show with great episodes with the occasional bad one switch to the a show that would give us a few occasional great episodes and lots of so so to bad episodes. Lots of times I thought about not watching anymore. Hotch was too often left in the background, focus changed, the characters were changed and not for the best. Still, I watched because Thomas was on CM.

Now he is gone, thanks to an altercation with a writer who started the altercation and even went after Thomas when he tried to walk away from the verbal abuse he was getting from Williams, it resulted with Thomas defending himself. I do not think Thomas should have kick Williams, this was a mistake that I thought his suspension was punishment enough. But CBS and the CM producers decided to fired Thomas. I think it is highly unfair that Thomas is out while Williams who got an history of picking up fights with fans when they do not like his episodes, think it is funny to make crude comment about a cast member (‘she is hot!’ About Paget Brewster), who think making rape jokes is funny and is gloating all over Twitter about getting Gibson off CM, is still on staff as a writer. TPTB on CM should have fired Williams too, them not doing so tells me that I no longer wants to support anything made by the people in charges of CM.

For all this, I no longer will watch CM or its spin off. I feel sorry for the cast and crew , they work hard but this is bigger than CM, it is about fairness and standing up against TPTB who by keeping Williams are cautioning his behaviour.

But also, I watched for Thomas/Hotch and CM without him is just not acceptable for me. It would be like NCIS without Gibbs, impossible to think about.

I wanna thanks Thomas for his passion and dedication to bringing Hotch alive in such a way that for me he will remains the best TV character that have grace my tv screen. I wish him all the best and will wait for his next project.

And to all the friends I have made while being in the CM fandom, you know who you are :) thanks for the wonderful friendship, we still have the best of CM and Hotch to talk about and the wonderful fan fiction to read.