drawing and planning


i cant believe i was actually able to finish this on time!!

a collective naps with your friends under the sun is the best way to end your birthday!

anonymous asked:

Can you draw me a haggar icon? She's my favorite character, and you're my favorite artist!

Hi! Thank you so much for the compliment– you’re the best <3

Sadly, I can’t take requests right now, because of the work load I have at school (and kind of put on myself by participating in a good sum of extracurricular activities)

I otherwise would 100% do this for you, and it’d be my pleasure, ahhslkjdfhsl

Maybe participate in the giveaway I’m having, for now, and hope for the best? It’s all I can offer of free art before the Winter. When the break comes, you’re welcome into my inbox again: I’ll be taking random reqs, as I usually do during school vacations!

post-reveal cuddly Adrinette again ya wont stahp me...~

..and also post-reveal idea that Marinette wont be late at school alone anymore if Adrien decides to stay overnight (secretly for someone else ofc), pff

god dammit, Nathalie will go mad


ninoir week day 2: studying


Guess someone’s gonna have a good birthday ;)

I had a blast drawing this!

Please do not repost