drawing a drawing 365

[21may17] 206/365: approx. 93o frames equal circa 2 min. and 5o sec.; the last sequence i was working on took quite some time and was fairly tedious but turned out pretty well. that one sequence that i had to redo i will have to redo once again i think, because it’s still bugging me a lot. though, to be honest, if i had time and energy and resources, i would redo every sequence as they all have some minor flaws that happen naturally because you can’t calculate everything that could turn out not exactly well beforehand. but those are small flaws and i can live with them. i’m actually still amazed that it’s still going so well. it’s been 37 days since i’ve started and i’ve already finished the first big chunk that would actually already work as a finished piece. but i’d like to go for the whole 4 and some minutes that i set out to do. (phone, laser printes, charcoal)

mc can never focus on the musical because she’s too focused on jaehee instead

day 5 for @mysticmessimagines‘s event ✓ ✓



seven (valentine’s special)