drawing 365 days a year

It really ticks me off when people don’t realize that artists and writers have a life outside of tumblr. We don’t sit down and draw or write all the live long day, 365 days a year in front of our computers and tablets. For some of us, yes it’s a job, but we don’t do it on such a constant basis that we have no life outside of it all and it pisses me off when people just say, “Well, it shouldn’t be too hard, right? You do it all the time!”

Yes. Let me whip out my magic pen that will create a story or an image for you in 5 seconds flat with everything exactly the way you want it.

Art takes time. Writing takes time. It takes practice and thinking and references and researching to do what we do. If we get it all done in an hour - full blown story/picture/mini-comic/webcomic - then holy shit we were on a role and we must actually be magic. But not everything works out that way. Life gets in the way and our priorities make certain projects be put on the back burner and it just irks me that there are people out there who just don’t get it.

I’ve had my fair share of people getting mad at me for having to put shit on the back burner because I had things in my life to prioritize and apparently apologizing yet confirming it will be done no matter what isn’t enough. And then there are the people who bug the shit out of you day in and day out and what kills me is that you get so pressured you go, “Do I really want to finish this? Do I really want to even do this? Do I even have the drive to do it anymore?”

Don’t be the people who make an artist or a writer feel like unappreciated or pressured like this. It’s awful, especially when life hands them something they need to take care of first.

365 day drawing challenge day 365 Farewell for now.

Wow I was not mentally prepared for this haha, It may look like a simple drawing but it was the hardest one to draw out of them all,( maybe because it was the last one), and I would like to say thank you to all the support I got from this challenge, when I started this challenge I thought I would only do like 30 days then stop, but because a lot of people like my drawings I kept going, because you don’t want to disappoint the people am I right?

I’m going to take a one week break for now, but do not worry! I’ll be back with mostly daily drawings, No promises for the daily one tho!

And so have a happy new yaer! and see you guys next year.😎

Important: Blog updates

Well, it’s here! Big Day #365. A whole year of drawing colorful horses! Wow, what a year. Made lots of pony pals and have no life!!! lmao

Anyway, thanks for a year. There will be some updates… One I think you’re noticing already… Well, let’s start with the biggest one:

From now on, while I will do my best to keep up a daily schedule, I won’t force myself.

If I’m sick, busy, or taking a priority with work, or honestly just need a day off, I’m going to take it! That being said, I will definitely do what I can to keep going daily, as there’s still much I have planned with this blog! 

Name Change

SciSetDaily ->SciSetDiary

If there’s the chance I’ll miss a day (or a few)… Why keep Daily in the name? There will be a time where I’m even working on original projects (hint-hint @adrianimations-art ), and of course the million other pony blogs I run (even though lets be honest this one is the most fun). So sometimes I might not even be able to keep up, but like I said I will try! I figure now would just be the best time to set that into stone.

Day #XXX -> Entry #XXX

And of course, what do you write in your diary? Entries!! Titles of these will change to fit the new theme!!

That’s honestly, pretty much it. When it comes to comic arcs, I will however, definitely attempt to get those out on a day-by-day schedule because I’ve spoiled you all hehehe. 


365 of 365 For better or worse my final Drawing A Day for a Year Challenge is ending on a WIP (Work In Progress) which I’m okay with.

 I wanted to draw the faces/avatars of the people who really cheered me on. Granted, I couldn’t fit EVERYONE in this image, as I have decided I’ll use it as my Twitter Header Image once it’s fully done. But drawing that many headshots takes more time than I was expecting, so it’ll take me a day or two to finish this (I’ve got birthday girl things to do today so, alas).

I want to thank everyone who has walked this path with me. Family, friends, strangers who just kind of stumbled into my sphere. My art has improved tremendously, and I don’t intend to stop. I’m at the plate, ready to swing, and I’ve already called the homerun hit, so I can’t let people down.

Thank you <3

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In the beginning of 2017, I challenged myself to draw a frame a day out of the 365 days in the year. Let’s see what I came up with! #animation #trippy #psychedelic #straightaheadanimation

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warningstreatedaserrors  asked:

first form providence

You requested first form. but since I draw things in 3s, you get three evil magpies separating couples 365 days a year EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD ONE JOB AND THAT WAS TO MATCHMAKE LIKE WHAT IS THIS SYMBOLISM? CAPITALISM IS EVIL AND DESTROYS TRUE LOVE BY PERPETUATING THE CLASS DIVIDE? -actually that does kinda fit into the games theme

The one I put an effort into.

Whats a bird gonna eat when the nation is collectivised and everyones humanistic needs are fulfilled huh. Don’t you see? Capitalism illuminati bird REQUIRES suffering to continue gorging itself upon illusory scarcity  and a sense of superiority.

(this one is a more full bodied in case you wanted a reference. Bear in mind the colours are overlaid (thy’re all a li~l less saturated) and I messed up the gold shading. but not the pattern, i think.

and finally, cause I ran out of ideas.

365 days

Now now, to get back into drawing. I started to challenge myself. And the challenge is, that I have to draw 365 in one year, one drawing for each day. If I can’t draw a day, I have to draw two picture in one day, but I am not allowed to go further then the actual date is. I also have only 1 hour of time to be done with the picture. Mostly resulting in sketches. I already uploaded the first and second batch to patreon, so I have a little puffer for myself, and don’t worry that means that I upload them a little later in a nice frequent here on tumblr.

It is perfect to get back into drawing. I could improve a lot in just those few tries I already did. And it gives some ideas for even bigger project.