drawing 2012

Just looked through this stack of old sketchbooks (14 in total) to find three old Sherlock drawings from 2012 which I had to rescan for a fanbook project. The oldest sketchbook is from 2011, meaning I go through an average of two books per year. They don’t exclusively contain Sherlock drawings but also sketching for other projects and lots of live-drawing from museums and events such as Letters Live.

However, a good deal of art in them is Sherlock inspired. On 30th October is my seventh Sherlock anniversary. At the sixth I had created almost 700 pieces of Sherlock fanart. I’m curious what the count is going to say next week.

Okay so I know Apriltello Day was over like two hours ago but I had this idea in my head and I just had to draw it. It’s so messy and I painted the background WAY too quickly but oh well…

I just really wanted to draw April and Donnie in a scene from my favorite romantic movie “When Harry Met Sally” (Drawing April in Meg Ryan’s 80s clothing was so much fun!)

Also I’m setting this in @theherocomplex’s “High as the Moon” AU verse where the Hamato Clan has become accepted by humanity and April and Donnie end up meeting in college. Because that AU is the best and everyone should read her fanfic about it!

So yeah, classes are over for the day so April and Donnie decided to get coffee and take a stroll through central park. Oh and I couldn’t resist sneaking in an argyle pattern on Donnie’s sweater vest ;)

leaderly grumbles

Guys he’s only the Great Maximus Kong, Lord/Warrior-chief of the Wasteland, King of the North, Demigod of the Desert on the outside…

Inside he’s still Leonardo…

So you know his weakness