drawin wolf

I made a little Animal Crossing villager based off of werewolves and punk rock. Because werewolves are total punks. She’s for a group project on Gaiaonline.

Her phrase would be “gotcha!” and one of her quotes would be “doesn’t the moon look… full?”
even though only male characters have a cranky personality in AC, I think that would fit her best. Muahahh

i’m listening to Drawin Wolf and crying @ izzy’s gorgeous tunes and also applying for universities and submitting 200 pieces of art to this art competition which is super scary and i might cry and i wanna go to seb’s house but i can’t and i just wanna hug him b/c everything is too much rn and i don’t want him to see me like this but also i kinda do fuck i don’t know anything at least i’m cute right???

also my aunt bought me that big ring and it has mary and baby jesus painted on it and old italian ladies at work tell me they like it all the time


Hi tumblr folks! I finally (fiiiiiinally) opened up an Etsy shop, with just a couple of stickers inside. Nothing too big, but I hope to really get a collection of spooky goods going. If you like vinyl stickers, and like to mind your manners, come pick up these nifty little slaps. Thanks!!



Dreampipe Collective visit the East Coast this March! 

Hey guys, the two of us are planning a lil trip to Halifax in March, part of which, unfortunately yet inevitably, involves gathering and saving up some money–we are doing our very best to make this lil pipe dream of ours a reality and any help would be super lovely!

Here are some links where you can order things that we make–we craft a bunch of stuff from teas to patches, short storybooks, art zines, bathbombs, etc!

Dreampipe Collective Etsy

Dreampipe Vermin Bandcamp

Drawin Wolf Bandcamp

Archibald Spencer Etsy

Thanks guys, hoping you are well and that you are all keeping warm this season!


Issue number 8 is off to the printers!!!!

Nothing can stop us, we are indestructible! Get ready to receive the 8th Issue of The Country Grind Quarterly. (I can’t believe we’ve put out 8 issues already!!) I can honestly say we have one mighty fine issue of The Grind here, with everything you’ve come to expect from your favorite rural punk quarterly. With insanely awesome cover art by Izzy/Drawin Wolf from Pender Island, BC.

In this issue you will find:

  • Herbal concoctions
  • Framing with beams
  • Food/water collection and storage
  • Magickal thinking
  • Cleaning bones
  • Making a sketchy welder with broken microwaves!!
  • Recipes
  • Classifieds
  • How not to live in a yurt
  • Midwifery
  • And lots more!!

Subscribers, you can expect to see your copy in the mail within the next two weeks, if you want to pick up an issue you can do so at: countrygrind.storenvy.com


There Is A Jar & Planning Tea Time

Tale-Teller Heart and Drawin Wolf play each other’s songs in a blanket fort because life is too short to not live in one.