drawin wolf


First of all Antonia is a beautiful statuesque sitter • Here is her email description: “lavender, sage, echinacea, nettles with flowing energy, twisted lines, cultivation of growth and love, light. knotted and wild. healing.” These are among my favourite most-used herbs. We took photos as it began drizzling and we caught some great shots before the downpour.

fun meme

((send me “[x] or [y]” and I’ll tell you which of those the muses prefer. example:

“tea or coffee?”

tea: Joey, Alice, Boris, Susie, Shawn

coffee: Bendy, Henry, Sammy, Wally, Norman, Thomas

i dunno how well this’ll go but it seems like a good way to get some easy headcanons going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

edit - I’ll be posting them through the next couple days since its pretty late rn))