drawin anon

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can u draw characters from hamilton? all the characters? every characters? maybe hamilton and burr doing their cool guy handshake?

honestly probably the best drawing request ive ever gotten

lets be no less than very good friends!

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Omgggg! Might you consider drawing more trans Striders or maybe any character you have a headcannon for being trans? Your art gives me live!!!!!

i was going to work out but then i kinda just…. drew dave workin out instead (feat some chub heheh) ((and thank u!!! thats real sweet :D))

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The anons forgot Drawin! You somehow can draw without gettin too bored.

Oh man… Drawing
My mom really encouraged me to draw when I was younger Because she could use it as evidence against my father during their divorce so I’ve been drawin’ random vore and shit since like the age of two and I never really stopped. I’d draw these weird Stick-birds called Flinkys all over my fuckin paper and they’d cannibalize eachother and my teachers were very concerned so I stopped drawing those for a while, but still drew them in secret and I now realize why… Then I got an Instagram and all my friends were drawing dogs and cats and stuff so I tried that and once I got the hang of it I sorta messed around with the anatomy creating monsters and other things a character named Xevach came outta that my furry boi, but one thing always stayed the same throughout all my art. Every fuckin creature has big fancy eyes, even when I was two them Stick-birds had two big eyes on their heads and every OC I’ve ever made has big eyes. Usually when I join a new fandom I’ll make an OC for the Character I relate the most to. I was always really bad at names tho. I’ll add some examples of I can remember how to draw like a 5 year old one sec

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Imagine Yosuke forcing Naoto to wear the dual poncho after seeing Yu and Kanji in it

i’m embarrassed 

edit: i have received actual footage of the way yosuke hanamura is moving

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I HAVE TO THANK YOU FOR THE IWAOI 'I can't take my eyes off of you' I AM DYING. THAT WAS SO WHAT I WAS HOPING FOR!!! When I asked that I had just seen 10 Things I Hate About You so you have no idea how hard you just hit me with the feels. This was perfect. BEYOND PERFECT!!! THANK YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE IWAOI I LOVE THIS! ( /)u(\ )

WAHAHAHAHA !!!! ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლ

I was so happy about the ask and had so much fun drawing it. And it makes me even happier that you like it! I just had to go with “10 things I hate about you” and it is so cool that you thought about the same thing.

Thank you very much!!!

Here have a little bonus to go with the comic


yo sorry for this post bein a long scrollin one. the pics only looked good large

went in and actually took screenshots of my, regina, and mary’s sims. makes it easier for people to see what we look like.
gotta hell of a lotta others to make sims of but hey ya gotta start somewhere man

oh yea and for any of ya who dunno, regina and mary are twins. they look nothin like each other and they’re complete fuckin opposites but yea, still twins

- alec