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I realy love adult sakura that drawen by kishimotu not like sp they made her look like a girl with 20 years not like the manga that made me feel her as a real mama :( You know this depressed me so so much .. I wish have more official art by kishi himself draw adult mamakura :(

Yeah!, only Kishi draws her like a goddess and I absolutely agree with you in all. Pierrot is disgusting!


Soul collector Drawen Krueger. 

Short info: 
His job is to simply collect souls of dead people and pass them to afterlife where they can reborn once again when their time comes, but every soul is different and that can create sometimes quite some difficulties. If soul is too damaged or doesn’t deserve afterlife he will devour that soul without thinking twice and so cycle of reborning for that particular soul stops there.

How to take pretty pictures in DA:I

Press ` (top right of the keyboard, ~ but without pressing shift)

Type “UI.drawEnable 0″

Press `

Take pictures to heart’s content (using Print Screen or your FRAPS or MSI Afterburner hotkey)

Press `

Type “UI.drawEnable 1″

Press `

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OC  masterlist updated! 

These following characters
have been added in the list: 

-  Broin 
-  Drawen 
-  Gunny ( J. Gunther ) 
-  Markus 
- Nickil