Visual self-exploration in drawings by Monica Rohan

Monica Rohan is a 25-year-old Australian artist. A 2010 Honours Graduate from Queensland College of Art, Rohan’s work has already attracted significant interest. In 2012 she was a finalist in the James Kiwi Watercolour Prize (Wollongong City Gallery) and the same year her work was selected for the Churchie National Emerging Art Exhibition at Griffith University Art Gallery.

Rohan’s use of the self-portrait is practical 
– her model is always available – yet is also relevant to the way she thinks about art. 

Each image is rendered in minute detail, with coloured and patterned forms undulating around the slightness of her figure, dwarfed within the picture plane. She describes the way she works as “a completely selfish absorption into the painting itself – meditative but also infuriating. It’s about feeling too much, or feeling like I feel too much, when even the most insignificant and ordinary moments flourish into an external struggle.” 

Rohan’s imagery may be an expression of the aloneness that is common in our increasingly fast-paced and technologically connected and overloaded lives. It is their delicate poignancy that draws the viewer into the rabbit hole of the artist’s imaginary world.  source artguide

Inspiration find at  red-lipstick

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I did a quick portrait to show basically how I draw! The song is City Traffic Puzzle by The Hush Sound


Drawing Bog

So here’s what I put together. Very rough drawings (sorry!) Just personal notes on how to draw his proportions right until I memorize it.

Keep in mind that these are obviously not 100% accurate, just what I’ve observed from constantly watching clips frame by frame, I tried to get as close to the actual proportions as I could. I figured I’d post this because he is a rather difficult character to draw. Very specific. Thought it could help some folks. :)

I’m sorry for the bright colours, they were WAY more muted when I was in photoshop but my jpegs aren’t saving properly and end up looking like this. ^^


i’ve been wanting to do a dangan ronpa crossover since before i started using this blog, tbh.

also, i’d like to use this opportunity to promote danganlive!! it’s an exciting semi-interactive adventure and they’re currently having their first trial! give it a look.

Good Day (Instrumental Remake)
  • Good Day (Instrumental Remake)
  • RipKidProductions (Go to youtube if you like)

shawtomyroot said: Maybe Gail with Baby Gail teaching her how to shoot a gun and Holly watching. I think that little dialogue at the end was my favorite.

This had been sitting in my files rotting. Every time I saw it during the school year, I died. It only needed a few more frames!! SOO I DID IT NOW. Enjoy.
(I had a huge ass hiatus because of school- SO thank you to all those who stuck with me. I hope you’ll continue to do so even though I take 2895430584358 years to draw.)
the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84W156n6Trs