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Solid life advice from Professor Ganondorf.

The ridiculously overpowered @snailofapproval drew this for me! You can find their commission info (here).

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Susie B1!

this was A Blessing To Draw tbh.

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Okay guys, hear me out.


AU Morganthe where she Isn’t trying to kill us.

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Oh nothing Atsushi totty just only he used his powers to make every girl who loved you hate you so he can have them all to himself :3

Atsushi: He used his…powers?? So…Todomatsu, you’re not human? You used your awful powers just to have them all to yourself? You’re disgusting, Todomatsu.

Todomatsu: …Atsushi-kun…I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you…I just wanted you to like me…and you told me that you didn’t like people with super powers, that they were evil and only want world domination, but I’m not like that! I’m actually jealous of everyone with super powers because they’re better than mine. So I lied to you so that you’d like me and think that I was human. What that anon said wasn’t true…I used my powers to make them hate you so that…….I could have you all to myself. I could care less about the girls, I’m in love with you! My powers can’t make anyone fall in love with me anyway so I kept you single because I was afraid that they’d steal you away from me and…then I’d lose you. I’m not lying to you this time either…I…I-I just….I guess I don’t deserve you after all. You’re a good man and you deserve someone better than me. 

I’m checking if I could have Loid making an appearance in FUZZY. I marked down some Loid thoughts and then his skin color and now it looks like he’s blushing at Fuzzy.

Loid, you bi is showing.
But we get you.
We love Fuzzy, too. 

and jessus I swear my laptop started to play Careless Whisper as I typed this!


attempt 2 at sewing a tiny dog. hes less cursed than the first one but hes still pretty cursed