im not usually one to get on bandwagons, esp homestuck related ones, but i did a quick doodle of the new kid bc hes starting to look like a bit of a dork imo and i like that.

i feel like i should have characterized him more tho, like maybe by giving him some long lanky deer limbs or somethin?
ill have to try that out once we find more out about that game!
im a lil curious about this one. what do you think his typing quirk is like? =I=s it maybe s=o=mething =l=ike this?
do u think hes skittish and anxious like a rabbit, or the exact opposite, cocky and overconfident?
how do u think he died???? i am ready 2 discuss this

so i have a couple more advanced/new art classes that im taking next year, but i have not been arting at all for nearly the whole summer? and i feel hella out of practice
so i was wondering if you guys would be interested in sending me doodle requests and stuff again!

i have a few ancient ones that i never got to, but… they are pretty much buried by other asks by now and i dont have much motivation to do them at this point. the askers probadefinitely forgot abt them by now, anyway

i’ll (try to) draw just about anything, and both my art and picture quality have improved in the past year or so, despite my funk! so feel free to ask for anything you like