hello tumblr, my name is Drawcia. I’m a 17 year old disabled mentally ill person living in a VERY hectic home life. 

I’m taking emergency commissions to get a phone card for my phone, my internet is going out midnight [Central time] this saturday. I ABSOLUTELY NEED a connection. I need it to be able to keep up with my medical appointments and call to schedule rides to the different places for them. It is also my ONLY form of support as my parents always put me down or say they’re going to put me away in a mental hospital every time I talk about my problems with them. They also put me through constant stress with all the financial and other issues in the household.

The prices are as follows-

-Drawing with flat colours = $5
-painting = $5
-simple animated pixels = $5
-Quick sketch = $2

I can also add in shading and/or a simple background for $1
[I am not very good at backgrounds yet…]

Please PLEASE if you can help send me a message, I need about $40 to get a card which will give me unlimited text, talk, and data. I need this so badly, I have nothing else I can do.

Eckstein - Eckstein - welcome to my playtime
Eckstein - Eckstein - if you peek then you’ll die

Eins, zwei, drei, vier, funf sechs sieben acht neun zehn

Ready or not - I’m coming
Ready or not - I’m coming
Ready or not - I’m coming
Pray to your god - I’m coming

Hide your soul


I don’t know what I’m doing it was half past 2 am and I felt like it.