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So I tried painting this using my finger and phone. Needless to say it took forever especially as a first attempt at doing something like this. In the end, I needed to just walk away from it. How do you guys digital art??? I have no clue. An attempt was made at least. Hopefully doing this helps if I do any future digital art. Anyway, this is the final product!! Be kind to yourselves!!! I’ll tag @thatsthat24 because the time spent on this made me really want to give you a blanket and say go to bed. I’ll also tag @pansexualroman @pattonpending @prinanalogicality @vortexart and @darkness-anon because they’re awesome!!


Spoilers for S2 Ep.8

I couldn’t help myself but draw Max with his cute little Mr. Honeynuts, I’m hoping we see more of Max with his little child side. This episode was really my favorite, i loved the Gwenvid interaction!! And seeing tons of character development! I’m hoping to redraw some screencaps from this episode!

And, well, here they are. Not every, but most Mizars. Seventeen of them, in fact. In one picture. Drawn on my iPhone. Over the course of a few days.

I have had so much fun, you guys.

It’s really been interesting just how distinct they all are. How easy it is to recognize at least those of them that have a canon physical desription. Not that I didn’t spend time making sure even those who lacked one or had just a partial one looked different from the others. They all have unique skin tones, and I had so much fun with the hair. Never drawn braids this well before.

You can make a game of this, though. See how many Mizars you can name without cheating.

If you don’t feel like doing that, I’ll leave a cheat sheet under the cut. ;)

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