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Title: Guitarist!Merlin
Summary: Merlin with his guitar Aithusa at a jazz cafe, maybe?
 Probably the quickest sketch I’ve ever done ever. For this month’s Tavern Tales Theme: Coffeeshops, Restaurants, Kitchens. 

PS. I actually used this color meme – sorry, couldn’t find the original to reblog! – pallet #8 for this. Erm, though strictly speaking I used it for local colors instead of the actual pallet of the whole drawing, if you know what I mean? If you want, please feel free to send me a color + character and I will try to find time to do it. Doesn’t have to be from Merlin. : )

I need a new nib for my bamboo stylus. D: Otherwise filling the srawble requests from my lj is slow going. Off to bed since I have work in the morning! I wish I could bring this all with me.

ALSO: Paint Tool SAI has totally spoiled me when it comes to inking. I can’t stand using openCanvas anymore.

Merlin Summer Olympics: Call for interest!

Merlinolympics is a low stress, mini-fest held in honor of the Olympics. The goal is to be as fun and low maintenance as possible!
Do you want to read about your favorite Merlin characters participating in the Olympics? Think of the possibilities: Archery, Boxing, Cycling, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Football, Rowing, Swimming, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling and so much more!

Share your prompts, stories, art, graphics, and more about any character and how they relate to the Olympic Games! This is a self posting fest. There is mo minimum word count. Graphics, podfics, drawbles, drabble sets, etc, are all welcome as well!

Tentative Timeline:
Prompting: July 1
Signups: July 5
Posting: Aug 5- 21
Masterlist Posted: August 20

WTNV Tarot

3 OF WANDS - The Subway

“Strength, boldness, effort, commerce, discovery. The ideas and energy of the Wands are taking tangible form. The wheels of enterprise are in motion. Travel may be required to bring the operation to fruition. Traditionally, trade, negotiations, enterprise, travel, audaciousness .”

Re-uploading old Tarot cards that got broken in the blog cleaning.  To be honest, all of my Tarot cards were made when we only had 3 years worth of material, so the connotation of the deer masks is radically different, especially with the introduction of Huntokar.

Click Here for the Masterpost of WTNV Tarot Cards!