I need a new nib for my bamboo stylus. D: Otherwise filling the srawble requests from my lj is slow going. Off to bed since I have work in the morning! I wish I could bring this all with me.

ALSO: Paint Tool SAI has totally spoiled me when it comes to inking. I can’t stand using openCanvas anymore.

MerlinOlympics: Open posting week!

If you missed your posting date (or even if you never officially signed up but you still want to play along) you can use the next week to post your Olympic themed creations! Remember there are no word count limits and we welcome art and fic of any kind including drabbles, drawbles, short fic, picspam, graphics, etc! If you can create it, we want it!

If you need some extra inspiration, you can see the prompts HERE.

Post anytime between now and when we post our masterlist on the 31st to be included in the fest!