Week 24 Theme: Fairy Tales

Welcome back to another week at the Kylux Cantina! Thank you all for you patience while your mod had to take some time off for travel and family-related issues. We’re all set to get back on track for more great kylux drabbles!

This week’s theme is: Fairy Tales

  • Please send all prompts related to this theme to our askbox (anon is on).
  • Keep your prompts as open-ended as possible, to ensure easy and inventive drabble/drawble responses from multiple authors/artists. Please don’t send full story outlines or fleshed-out headcanons.
  • Responding to the theme of Fairy Tales, this could include prompts relating to real-life fairy tales or folktales like “Hansel and Gretel,” “Baba Yaga,” “the Princess and the Frog,” “Red Riding Hood,” “Rapunzel,” or “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” You could prompt with phrases related to other ideas about folk fables or made-up oral histories, like “lullaby,” “fairy circles,” “witches brew,” “rag to riches,” “don’t go into the forest at night,” “heros and heroines,” “be home by midnight,” etc. Don’t forget that we also accept song lyrics, excerpts from poems, or links to / submission of images as prompts!
  • On Sunday, the prompts will be published throughout the day, so as not to flood your dashes. At your leisure, you are welcome to reblog the prompt with your own drabbles or art, or submit to the cantina.
  • Please note: The Cantina generally accepts prompts until Saturday midnight prior to posting day—there is no guarantee that prompts sent on Sunday after posting has begun will be able to join the queue.

Asks are open, have fun! And you can always find the list of our past themes here.


really want to draw more Enterprise/Millennium Falcon (Falconprise?, Millenerprise?) with freighter falcon carrying the Enterprise. but i’m busy busy so sketchbook drawbles are as far as I’ve gotten…