I need a new nib for my bamboo stylus. D: Otherwise filling the srawble requests from my lj is slow going. Off to bed since I have work in the morning! I wish I could bring this all with me.

ALSO: Paint Tool SAI has totally spoiled me when it comes to inking. I can’t stand using openCanvas anymore.

[image: a pencil doodle showing a laptop screen in front of a window. Outside fence posts are ghosts, inside the laptop screen with a blog post emits a ghostly wail.]

A Halloween drawble for ilyena_sylph for the prompt: “every post a ghost”

[image: a pencil sketch of Kermit in an air balloon, Temeraire flies next to it]

I played character roulette in my journal, i.e. I had a secret list of 15 characters and responded to comment prompts with the numbers. From Isagel: “Kermit the Frog and Temeraire go on an air balloon ride!”

I figured that Temeraire would stay outside the basket due to his size, even if they enjoy the trip together, and just fly near the balloon.

[image: a pencil drawble by RatCreature. Charles and Erik are standing back to back. Charles concentrates on his telepathy with his left hand touching his temple, while Erik is pushing out his right hand to stop a knife coming at them with his powers.]

I recently did a drawble meme and filled requests. This one was for Rosaw, who asked for Charles/Erik, but somehow I couldn’t come up with a couple-scene for them (even though I ship them!), so I settled for drawing them as they watch each other’s back in a fight.

[image: a pencil doodle of John Sheppard as a toddler with a friendly clown, whom John perceives, in a thought bubble as a monster clown.]

A Halloween drawble for busaikko for the prompt: “How John Sheppard, at a young age, developed a fear of clowns.”

[image: pencil doodle showing a Terminator aiming his gun at Voldemort]

Drawble for isagel combining her interests “Harry Potter” and “Terminator: SCC”; I imagined an xover where Skynet with terminators seemed a good idea at the time to the Muggle authorities to get rid of the whole DE wizard terrorism menace…