Hi everyone! my name is Mia, and after some time of being oddly satisfied by studyspo/studyblr contect, I’ve finally decided to try it for myself!


  • 19 years old (since September 10th)
  • Class of 2020 (maybe 2021)
  • International Relations University Degree (I still get mixed up with equivalents)
  • Gryffindor
  • Brit, currently living in Mexico

Classes I’m taking

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Geopolitcs
  • History of the International Relations I
  • International System


  • Bibliophile (but I kind of don’t have time?)
  • Perfectionist AF
  • Musical Theatre Kid (by heart, cause I haven’t been on stage)
  • Pink is life
  • Asexual
  • Virgo ( I guess that says it all)

Health Struggles

  • Perfectionist (to a point where it really is an issue)
  • High levels of Anxiety
  • Probably Asperger’s (I’m running tests on it)
  • Depression (recently overcame it)
  • Hughes Syndrome


So I’ve always had ‘good’ grades, but I’ve moved from one place to another (which means I haven’t had time to actually settle to a type of school) and lately, since I moved to Mexico, my grades have dropped, they are not bad, but they are not what I expect them to be; plus, I’ve always been quite dependent on my caregivers since I was a child… which kind of means I’m spoilt? because of my illness.

What I plan to post

Theorically, this is a studyblr, so I will reblog stuff that I find helpful, but also, I’ll use this as a way to motivate myself (and others) in order to become a better version of myself.

Studyblrs that inspire me

@naomireads, @emmastudies, @notglot, @hazelnutmilks, @nerdastically, @theorganisedstudent, @ittybittystudyblr, @maryberrystudy, @jrjo-study, @busybusinessstudent, @natastudies

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Being Best Friends With Edmund Pevensie Would Include
  • Super secret dorky code names
  • Being the one he talks to about his problems with his siblings
  • Being one of the only people he tells about Narnia
  • People thinking you’re courting each other
  • Challenging anyone who calls him a traitor to a duel
  • Sword fights that last hours, and usually end in a draw
  • Being able to communicate without words
  • Being spymasters and working together flawlessly
  • Being each other’s dates to events because you don’t want his siblings to set you up with strangers
  • Everyone either of you dates has earn the approval of the other
  • Getting in fights and not talking to each other afterwards, but no matter how bad it was you both always forgive each other.
  • Fighting each others shitty exes
  • Playing chess and trying to cheat without being caught.