Happy Super Moon! This was originally going to be in a zine but I have heard no word about it since November so I decided to post it anyway. I sketched this all the way back in November but I finally finished it today. 

Anyway, this is my werewolf oc,Belle with a bunny girl who doesn’t have a name yet but she’s based on the myth of the rabbit in the moon. Take this as a belated valentine’s day art, lol.


via furiarossa

It’s a werewolf speedpaint ok too? :D

Draw a werewolf or tonight’s moon will destroy you

Tonight’s super ultra blood moon mega eclipse means you HAVE to draw a werewolf and tag it with #DrawAWerewolfDay or the moon will get really close to your house and crush it. Neil deGrasse Tyson confirmed it just now on a phone call that I did not record and will not share with you.

I wanted to get this posted for Draw A Werewolf Day, but we got hit with a rolling blackout, and when the power came back on, the internet was messed up (everyone’s, not just ours, the phones were down, too) and then when I got up this morning the power was out again. *sigh* So, anyways, a little late.

Since this is Feb. a lot of people are doing Happy Horny Werewolf Day themed pics. I am, too, sort of - happy horniness often leads to offspring, and eventually to grandkids. So here’s opa werewolf giving mom and dad a much needed night off by taking the little hellions out for some fast food. Adorable. (did I miss my grandaddy while I was painting this? Yes, I did)

I felt motivated to do something werewolf related on a full moon.  It felt only just to pay homage to one of my favourite werewolf movies.

I was also trying to combine a very loose painted illustration style with layout and typography and I’m rather pleased with the result.  I might make a print of this someday.


Saturday the 12th is Draw A Werewolf Day

You thought our old pal the Full Moon forgot about us, huh? Well, lucky for you he’s on a regular schedule and he’s back this Saturday, which means it’s almost time to Draw! A! Werewolf!

Contributors at all talent levels are invited. Sketches, doodles and other creative expressions are welcome too, as long as they’re werewolfy.

Don’t forget to submit it to this site or post it on your own Tumblr with the #drawawerewolfday tag.