Draw a werewolf or tonight’s moon will destroy you

Tonight’s super ultra blood moon mega eclipse means you HAVE to draw a werewolf and tag it with #DrawAWerewolfDay or the moon will get really close to your house and crush it. Neil deGrasse Tyson confirmed it just now on a phone call that I did not record and will not share with you.

I wanted to get this posted for Draw A Werewolf Day, but we got hit with a rolling blackout, and when the power came back on, the internet was messed up (everyone’s, not just ours, the phones were down, too) and then when I got up this morning the power was out again. *sigh* So, anyways, a little late.

Since this is Feb. a lot of people are doing Happy Horny Werewolf Day themed pics. I am, too, sort of - happy horniness often leads to offspring, and eventually to grandkids. So here’s opa werewolf giving mom and dad a much needed night off by taking the little hellions out for some fast food. Adorable. (did I miss my grandaddy while I was painting this? Yes, I did)

Blow off work or class to draw a werewolf today

Due to the unpredictable and arbitrary nature of the moon’s phases, this month’s #DrawAWerewolfDay took me by surprise! Let’s all pay tribute to that whimsical and terrifying blank face in the sky by drawing one of its most tortured children: the werewolf!

Drawings of all skill levels (including mine [skill level classification: Shitty Doodle]) are encouraged! Post your drawing on Tumblr and tag it with #DrawAWerewolfDay, or post it on Twitter with the same tag. And never forget, that old devil moon can sneak up on you at any time… so watch out