Shorthand Google Reference Guide

I’m gonna type this up while it’s fresh on my mind because some of y’all don’t know how to use Google

A woman sitting in the grass.

IF YOU SEARCH: female sitting

Very vogue. Very male gaze. Good for fashion or model pictures, not very good if you’re wanting to draw a natural looking pose on a woman who isn’t a model and whose camera certainly didn’t fucking turn on by itself.

IF YOU SEARCH: female sitting pose

Arguably worse, depending on the use. My experience with “female + pose” searches is that you get a lot of IMVU and The Sims pose sets, and artists making sketch compiliations that… don’t always have great anatomy and are frequently just more stiff model poses. I do use similar searches for pinup sketches, ie, “female sassy pinup pose,” though “posing for pinup photography” and “how to pose for” will give different results if you aren’t finding what you need.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman student relaxing sitting on grass crossed legs

Closer. Still kind of staged looking. Maybe we don’t want her studying. Maybe we just want her relaxing. Still, you start to see how specific keyword searches will really get you results.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer

Nice. This is only a small handful of the results, but most of them more or less fit my mental image. Mostly stock images, but good for gesture sketches or figuring out a pose. Still… we could go further, and I think I will.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer senior photography

Jackpot. Senior pictures aren’t always awkward kids in braces. Look at how much more natural a few of these look? Compare that to the “Female sitting” search. Google Search tip #1 is basically “use more and specific keywords.”
But just… one more thing I just… can’t get off my mind… what if I… just…

IF YOU SEARCH: black  woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer senior photography

Uh oh. So let me level with you, if you just google “dreadlocks,” expect a lot of white people. I spent over 30 minutes adding keywords to this search, and every page was still white people. Breaking it back down to “black woman sitting on grass” helped but gave me all the boring pose issues of the female sitting search. So basically, Google Search tip #2 is: Google image search is as White as the rest of the damn world. How do we find what we’re looking for now, then?

IF YOU SEARCH: black woman sitting in grass nature tumblr blackout

Beautiful, natural poses. Adding “photography” whitewashed it. Adding “summer” gave me bikini pinups. Searching for POC models using Google image search is infinitely more frustrating than finding a million thin white women, and you’re usually going to be better off supporting POC modeling blogs themselves than fighting with Google all day. Using “tumblr” and “instagram” as keywords may also get you a lot more natural, less Vogue Was Here hits. Pinterest too, on occasion. 

But keep in mind that these are real people–especially using tags like “tumblr” or “blackout.” There’s a difference between referencing a pose or drawing different face shapes, and outright copying someone’s exact likeness without their permission. Maybe also consider liking/reblogging/following them if they’re a model or photographer. Use some common sense. You don’t own images found on google yadda yadda don’t be a dick.

Have fun being better at search engines and learning how to draw stuff!

LWA 30 Day Art Challenge
  1. Favorite Character
  2. Least Favorite Character
  3. A Teacher
  4. A member of Green Team
  5. A member of Blue Team
  6. A member of Red Team
  7. OTP (Platonic/Romantic)
  8. NOTP (Platonic/Romantic)
  9. A ship you don’t personally ship but someone else does
  10. Favorite non-human
  11. Yourself as a Luna Nova Student
  12. A character in the outfit you’re wearing right now
  13. An outfit you want to see on a character
  14. A non-uniform outfit on yourself
  15. Formal Wear
  16. Casual Attire
  17. Draw in the show’s style
  18. Draw in someone else’s style
  19. Outfit swap
  20. Palete swap
  21. OC (Yours or someone else’s)
  22. Under-appreciated character
  23. Child/Younger version of a character
  24. Adult version of a character
  25. a character you haven’t drawn yet
  26. a character you hate to draw
  27. a character you love to draw
  28. Animal trait!
  29. A character as an animal
  30. Crossover!


Hello guys! Sorry for the long wait between sketches. A lot has been going on like getting a new job, going through my belongings and getting rid of things I don’t use or need anymore, and quite a bit of gamesssss. As you may or may not know, I looooooooorve the Persona series and this recent installment, Persona 5, is quite possibly my favorite minus a few bits. I can’t wait what they do to Persona 6!! However, it will be time soon enough to play the first Persona ever and I am quite excited for it! As I transition into a new job, drawings will be sparse. I will have to get to a new schedule at work after all! Anyway, stay tuned for Haru art in a bit!

If you wanna see this artwork to stare at, go follow me on Instagram! TheUntoldSitcom!

kithesamaru  asked:

I was wondering if you use markers in any of your art, and if so, what kind? Do you have any tips you could give, too? I recently got some but they seem to take some skill to use.

oh I love using markers! markers can be used for anything!

complete illustrations, comics ,sketching ,graffitty, drawin somebody’s wall or mirror XD I can only recommend what I’ve used, recommend something I haven’t try would be liying X3

I use “Touch” and “Neopiko” markers for me are the best brands from what I’ve used by far. I use “Touch” markers for quick pics and/or sketching becuse their price is lower than neopiko.

I ONLY use neopiko for full colored illustrations and in very rare ocassions because they’re expensive and I’m not sure when I would be able to get more lol but their colors are soft and blend nicely :)

COPIC are good I gess but I prefer neopiko because are cheaper than copic and the results arethe same (at east for me hahaha) I think the only difference is in some colors opic has that neopiko don’t but nothing you can’t get by convine colors.

both brands come with a pen nib and a brush nib but touch come in hard brush nib and soft pen nib, both are great!also they allow you to create newcolors by convining like the traditional yellow+blue=green

I never use the blender because I don’t like how it sees in the end I preffer to blend with a lighter color, for example when I blend zim’s skin I use the palest yellow I have to blend between greens, using this methot you can also get a secondary light! my only advice is to experiment and drawa lot with them! because we all have diffeerent color goals but most importantly have fun!

Substantivos/ nouns 

o futebol – football
o jogo – game, match
o time
– team
a seleção 
– the national team
o jogador  – player
o(a) treinador(a) – the coach
o(a) arbitro(a)– the referee
o(a) capitão(ã)
– the team captain
o(a) goleiro(a)
– the goalkeeper
o(a) atacante – the striker
o(a) meia – the midfielder
o(a) zagueiro(a)
– the defender
a camisa
– the jersey
a bola de futebol – the football
o campo
– the field
o estádio
– the stadium
o gol
– the goal
o intervalo – halftime
o placar
– the score
o resultado
– the final score
o empate
– the draw
a falta
– the foul
o cartão amarelo – the yellow card
o cartão vermelho – the red card
o tiro livre
– the free kick
o escanteio
– the corner kick
o pênalti
– the penalty shootout
a prorrogação
extra time
a arquibancada
o gol contra
own goal
a lesão
o(a) locutor(a)
a trave – post
o zero a zero
nil nil
a convocação
o cruzamento
o impedimento
o(a) líbero(a)
o(a) reserva
as oitavas de final
– the round of the last sixteen
as quartas de final
– the quarterfinal
a semi final  –  the semifinal
a final  – the final
a copa do mundo  –
the World Cup

Verbos / Verbs

Expulsar – to send off
Vencer – to win
Chutar – to shoot
Perder – to lose
Torcer – to support, to root for

anonymous asked:

Hey Dovne! I love your art, but I super love your depictions of trans characters. Do you know any other artists that depicts them in the same way you do, and not the small body frames with comically oversized genitalia that seems to be everywhere?

hi! thank you! im glad you dig how i draw

as for other artists, i really like how megumigoo and simulcrament draw trans/nonbinary characters a lot!!! (links are nsfw)
and there’s plenty more, i just can’t remember right now 


FOOL-PROOF means you can send this to people anytime, anywhere, without using up enough mental capacity to make you chicken out.

and its only five days so you wont need to be awkward for too long.

some stuff that I totally made up//:

  • I’m so glad I found your blog (*´д`)~♥
  • ur a cool bean
  • (´,,•ω•,,)♡
  • *throws confetti at u* have a nice day
  • ヾ(●゜▽゜●)♡
  • (breaks into your window) hello i think your cool
  • _(:3 」∠ )_
  • ヽ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵)ノ
  • I really like your ___(insert content they post)____ ^^

i do not have much nice things to say okay, im new to being nice too

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cherrysodalester  asked:

first of all congrats!! and my favourite song lyric is "the sun will rise and we will try again"

this is actually my quote in my insta bio ahah i love it sm!!

Sorry this is so late

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a song: take a walk, passion pit

other comments: your desktop theme is so nice?? and your drawaing are amazing i lov lov lov (and followed!!)

no more!