draw:1000 2000


With the venue being Zepp Tokyo, it’s full standing, no seats for Minami’s first solo concert, held on her birthday.

Managed to get all the goods before it sold out. I was about the 150th-ish person in queue, and I queued like 135 minutes before sales start. Like seriously everyone?? And the cap sold out about 15 minutes after my turn.

Got into the arena area about 5 row, and near the center. Was luck that the people in front of me weren’t too tall so I’m not blocked much. The stage had a Victorian/gothic setting with the chandelier, golden chains and stuffs, and not to mention the amazing live band. Shadow announce was of course, Takamina and she talked about top 5 memories in AKB, which includes the hip-hop version of her catchphrase that Marichan made her do, Acchan’s birthday cake falling at Yokohama Arena concert, Acoustic version of her catchphrase. Can’t remember the other two.

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