1. Insecurities
  2. There Are Spies Among Us
  3. Tonight he lies with me
  4. All Eyes On You
  5. The Letter O 

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saved-by-sanfrancisco asked:

I have no idea if you're still taking art requests, but I absolutely adore your blog and your art style makes me feel warm and fuzzy. :3 You're such a gem in the fandom!! Could you draw Kirk and Spock doing the cute forehead touch thing? Thank you so much, never stop drawing!

thank you very much!! it’s cool to know that i’m a part of the fandom now hehe also here you go!

takethepienow asked:

I really like the kind of guide thing you did for drawing Misha! I was wondering if maybe you could do one for Jensen? I always have trouble with him.

WELL I’LL DO IT EXACTLY THE SAME AS MISHA because i saw others were also asking for jensen so LET’S DO THIS

gosh, alright. jensen is horrible. horrible as in, almost perfect in his proportions. if his face is flipped, it looks almost exactly the same as though it hadn’t been. which is why drawing his face. can be. a nightmare. ESPECIALLY if you’re drawing him from the front.

  1. as with misha, i have put squares around the main problem areas. his whole face is one
  2. he has like, cat eyes, but dark lashes. it’s tough because it tempts you to make jensen’s proportions too big/too small, and to make up for the space that it feels like you’re creating, you may try to make the eyes too big and the lashes too light. you can create the bigger-eyed look with his darker lashes! so basically, draw what you see, not what your brain is begging you to do
  3. his nose is bigger than you think, and it’s probably what creates the need to make his eyes bigger as well, but his nose is actually taking up a lot of space. i recommend doing studies of just his nose, especially from profile view, because it definitely helps keep things in perspective/proportion. you never realize how troubling the individual parts of his face are until you have to put them all together;;;

the second image is just to demonstrate the perfect spacing on this dumb face. so dumb. why

ALSO because his hair often hides it, he actually does have a peak to his hairline. it comes off as having multiple sways from the way it’s often styled, but it has one major curve in the middle, and then swoops back. if you’re having trouble with the hairline, this will often be the issue, i bet!

hope this helps as well!