Fascination, a lady with large eyes. And hands everywhere. Nothing related to me, but I wanted to make something about conscent. Or more non-conscent. Did it to cool down from a very cool animation project I’m helping on. :)



A couple questions popped into my mind while I was drawing this: what will grunge look like in the 23rd century and will Caprisun still exist?

*muffled steppenwolf playing in the distance*

based on this, which made me squeak so loud i scared my chicken


Around 90% of the sketch requests I did for people who pre-ordered the 4-pack and Complete Sets of my Acrylic Charms. I wasn’t able to take photos of the others I already shipped. I do hope you’ll like them!! Worked hard on these. ;u;
Thank you so much for ordering and I hope these sketches along with your orders reach you safely. 5 more sketches left!