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Imagine Hanzo, McCree and finding out their s/o has been dealing with nightmares and anxiety... How would they feel and how they help them??

• he knows what you’re feeling
• he’s been through it all
• he stays by your side and takes your hand
• he would tell you traditional stories hoping to occupy your mind

• “ don’t worry, darlin’, Ol’ Jesse McCree will keep ya safe”
• he holds you closer and draws soothing circles on your skin
• might sing if it helps.

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smoking weed w harry??😩😛😍👌🏼

I’ve only come back momentarily to check my personal blog and I stumble across this I my inbox and I CANNOT GO QUIETLY.

I don’t remember who I was talking to about this, but on the list of things I’d really like to do with Harry, this is up there next to get drunk.

I can imagine it’s an experience. I know how I am high - it’s like I am drunk but more …. Chilled. Drunk Allie is handsy and ballsy and high Allie is very very focused on one thing at a time, can only hear one thing at a time. Which is nice because my anxiety really fucks me up and makes me hear several things at once.

So to be next to him, legs over his lap on the couch, his arms slack next to him - one of them on my leg and drawing circles, the other behind his head; and me with my hands in my lap, both of our heads flush against the back of the couch while we watch friends or something, and we are just both so CHILL that time stands still, and we know each other are there by checking in time to time by touch, sounds really fucking brilliant. His head lulling over to me, eyes bloodshot and stooped, “you good?” He would slur more than normal, voice thick as he bites his bottom lip.

Also, I would imagine the sex would be something of an out of this world experience. Just to be focused… So much, on HIM, and every single detail is pronounced more than ever … I think I could die happy then and there.

I’ve been considering writing a more in depth one shot (besides ‘spliff’) about getting high with Harry and possibly sex, but maybe just hanging? And eating chips and salsa? Hahah.

Yeah, I think about this quite a bit.

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Feliks’ Contact Names

Hungary - BFFs so I’m safe from the pan

Lithuania - Manservant 

Latvia - Hamster

Estonia: Creepy af hacker

Russia: SATAN


Ukraine: how the hell did you turn out normal

Romania: *007 music*

America: McLame 


France: Majestic creature

Canada: Hannah Montana

China: McLame’s Pimp, aru

Germany: Italy no


Japan: Quiet weird dude

Prussia: Can you just die already

Romano: …Italy has a brother?!

Austria: Piano beach -_-

Denmark: Walking beer keg

Norway: Viking magic, stay away

Iceland: Is not the sass master

Sweden: Bitch with the furniture

Finland: SANTA!

((I saw this post and totally had to do my own version. I think I included most of the countries? Idk, I did this at 4am.))

Ooh.  This one’s going in the grimoire.

Caim Is a Celtic word. It means an invisible circle you put around yourself for immediate protection if you feel under threat. Draw an invisible circle around yourself with your right index finger by extending your arm towards the ground and turning clockwise. As you do this, become aware that you are safe and encompassed by the powers you believe in; that you are encircled, enfolded and protected.