draw the crew

gulliblepineapples  asked:

Hi! Your art is really cool! Can you please draw Ultimis Richtofen? (I think he'd look awesome in your art style! ^-^)

This bigger asshole. I remember drawing him so much to the point that I got mad anytime I saw him. But he’s hilarious in-game.

“Dodging Incoming Hype Sleigh” or “MatriX-Mas” -?

Another Draw the Squad lmao

also those beads around the guy-suppose-to-be-the-christmas-tree are tree lights (i should’ve used references for the sleigh but its too late now ;;v;)

no need to ask, but do mention me/tag my username on your post so i can see it too~


//clears throat// So i…. um….hospital/medical au…??!?;;