draw yourself series


Draw Yourself Series

Put a series (game, anime, show) in my ask and I’ll try to draw myself as though I was from that series.

From left to right, top to bottom

  • Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts
  • Gravity Falls, Pokemon 
  • Rick And Morty, Steven Universe (Gemsona - Chrysocolla) 

Firstly - Thank you guys for the suggestion, I love Avatar so I had a blast with this one.

Secondly - My tumblr is STILL not working correctly so I’m sorry it took to long to post this!

I chose to draw myself as a waterbender because I’m a fish in the water and it has sort of healing powers for me ha!  And because my name is finchfish I gave a little shout out to that by adding those sort of wing-like sleeves ^^  Also I realize me hair doesn’t look like that currently, but I’m going to be getting it cut like that as soon as it grows a bit more… maybe in a few months!