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Ok, this strip has a story.
Well, few days ago a guy wrote his dream in a private group on Facebook (about SU and other cartoons). When I read that it was about Pearl acting like a bird I immediately thought “MUST DRAW RIGHT NOW. MUST. I NEED”.
That day I was a bit busy but I finally did it!
So, the story/dream isn’t mine, I only made the drawings. The guy allowed me to put them on Tumblr and here they are! Hope you like it.
Well, I loved the crazy dream at all!

anonymous asked:

i really like your art! i really hope you continue drawing, and that you achieve all your goals! seriously, keep up the good work!! idk but everytime i see that you have drawn something new, i just get excited, and it looks like you really enjoy drawing!(idk if that makes sense) so yeah... just keep drawing and follow your dreams! <3

Oh wow that’s super super nice of you…that makes me so happy.I really enjoy drawing with all my heart and i’m glad that i have something to do that i like.Thanks a lot, i will !!

Healer Yamaguchi

Inspired by @maychorian‘s dream.

When Yamaguchi uses his healing powers it emits a soft glow that only Yams can see. He started wearing a poncho to try to limit the amount of accidental heals so he can save his power. Though of course he will still help someone who needs his magic.

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What're some good journaling ideas or inspirations?

write your feelings, write without thinking or judging yourself, just write it down… from your heart to the paper. write down poems that have touched you deeply & lyrics of the songs that make you feel happy & alive! write things that you’d like to do… in short term & in long term. like to do lists & vision boards… of your dreams! draw… write poems… write songs… document your travels or days. be creative! the options are endless hehe… <3


This is for that one person following me who always gets REALLY EXCITED when I mention I think Chuxas is hilariterridorable

u know who u are.  keep living that rarepair life, amigo