draw your cat in a dress day

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This is random, but could you draw (stereotypical) Simon and Roger if they decided to switch clothing styles for a day? Like Simon would dress really dark/emo and Roger would like wear a big, cute sweater with a cat on it or something? Love your blog so much btw, it's one of my favorites! :D


Sole Party 2.0

Sole Party 2.0

Day 2-The party has started and your sole just arrived! What are they wearing? How was their arrival and what did they bring?

*Insert drawing I can’t be arsed to draw here*

Laura hates dresses unless it’s necessary, but for her lovely friends and the settlers, she wears a lovely skirt and a nice blouse. Still wearing her red lipstick and sharp cat-eyelner, her natural curls become more bouncy over her shoulders.

Perfectly on time, Laura is punctual to a tee! 

Vodka and food, all the good! Potato Chips, Mac n Cheese, her own Wasteland Pizza and lots of Nuka-cola/Vodka mix.

Laura gets drunk and makes out with MacCready…. then finds Danse later. She’s very cheeky.

Ocelhira Week 2016

Prompts and rules!

As promised, we’ll be celebrating Ocelhira week on December 5th - 11th.

There’s so much that can be said about this pairing, both forced to cooperate in order to fulfill Big Boss’s dream. Both have a strong connection to the Legend, and it was that connection what made them cross their paths.

Does it end in love? You choose. (We highly encourage that it does ❤️)

The prompts are:

December 5th (Day 1) - First encounter
December 6 th (Day 2) - Birthday
December 7th (Day 3) - Team building
December 8th (Day 4) - Mixing timelines
December 9th (Day 5) - Hurt/comfort
December 10th (Day 6) - Date
December 11th (Day 7) - Coexisting

Notes about the prompts:

Each prompt can be interpreted as you like, in the timeline you prefer (PW, TPP, pre TPP or Foxhound, etc). For example first encounter can happen in PW era, pre TPP or in an AU.

Day 4 means you can put for example TPP Ocelot with PW Kaz, or PW Ocelot with TPP Kaz, or Foxhound Kaz and MGS3 Ocelot.

Do you want to do one more?

* Cosplay (Kaz in a dress?? Ocelot in a cute hoodie with cat ears? Ocelot (or Kaz) as a sexy maid? Again, your choice!
* Christmas (because it’s December!)
* Can’t get inspiration on the prompts? Any other Ocelhira will be welcome of course

Who can participate?
Everyone! We absolutely want everyone to participate.

How to participate?
Choose at least one day (we’ll love you forever if you participate all days!) How you write/draw/make the prompts is up to you. We want everyone to participate, from the cute and fluff lovers to the kinky and spicy ones.

All kind of works are welcomed, included cosplay, photos, art crafts, songs, everything you want to express your idea. Check the rules below.


  • * Tag your works with #OcelhiraWeek2016 so we can find your work, you can also tag our special account @ocekazu so we can share your work ✨

  •  Please put a proper warning in case of R18/NSFW stuff and feel free to contact us by DM if you have any questions regarding content or tags.

    Note that we don’t encourage content like extreme gore/vore/shota/etc. We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the week, please let us know if you have any questions regarding this. ☺️

  • Fanfiction, art, etc uploaded outside Twitter or Tumblr: please send us the link so we can share it.

Again, we know all the different approaches this ship can get, and we’re celebrating their unexpected chemistry, being it rivalry/friendship/love, you choose!

I didn’t make it on time, can I still participate?

Absolutely! For us Ocelhira week is all year long, feel free to submit your works anytime in case you can’t make it on the exact day.