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HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U

“Don’t worry Oikawa, it’s just dog adolescence.”

Sorry dear Anon ( and @etstrubal​ for you too ofc :D), but did you really think that “IwaKyou” is going to get a serious answer from me? XD ……Didn’t think so.
Here have some Kyoutani rebelling against the team-mom.

People seem to be getting their copy of the zine so here’s my full piece for @krazehkai‘s FE Cafe Zine!! Thanks again for all your hard work and for inviting me to participate in the zine, Kai! And thanks to everyone who bought a copy!!

Please do not repost, edit, or use my art!


You can’t tell me Elliott doesn’t write cute little notes for his spouse.

This is so dorky and fluffy but I don’t even care I love this kinda stuff.

anonymous asked:

Septimus or Jenna?

Septimus is my boy but I love Jenna so much

i sketched this thing becuase its LIPER DECEMBER and im all over that shit, all over that shit, im doing this, i wanna see all the fics and all the fanart im doing my part ok ok now do yours please im so thirsty for this pairing i m jsut

Pretty boy Pika

Each month is now a new theme-

January: Monsters

February: Horror

March: Space

April: Flowers

May: Marine life

June: Elements

July: Animals

August: Anime

September: Warriors

October: Paranormal

November: Superheroes

December: Festives

I was able to extract smol cliff from big cliff thanks to the amazing process of twinkification, isnt science incredible?

(Updated 6/11/17)

New Fics have a *


The Troublesome Trio  (Steve x Reader x Bucky) COMPLETE

 * Frozen Over (Bucky x Reader) [sequel to TTT ^^] (14/?)

 Dangerous Woman (Natasha x Reader)  (6/?)



Steve x Reader :

Need Help?

What’s For Dinner?

Ready To Train

Confession Time

Feel The Rain 

 Are We Okay Again?

Thanks For Coming

Bucky x Reader :

Loving Her Was Red

You Better Come Back

You’ll Be Okay

The Summer Soldier

 It’s A Secret

It’s a Cuddling Kind of Day

Meet Me In The Moonlight (Mermaid Reader)

Bucky x Reader x Steve:

You’ve Just Declared War

Matt Murdock x Reader:

Don’t Let Me Go

Life Is An Adventure With You

 Why’d You Leave?

 I Knew It Was You

Steve x Bucky:


Bruce x Reader:

 Cuddled To Sleep

Tony x Reader:

 It Was Nice Meeting You?

Clint x Reader:

 Clint The Mighty Knight

Natasha x Reader:

 You Broke Me

This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Pietro x Reader:

Looks Better on You



Bucky x Reader:

Can I Have This Dance?

Pinky Promise

 Let’s Play House

 Everyday (Smut)

Steve x Bucky:

Sweet Kisses and Sunsets

Natasha x Reader:

 In Her Web


One shots

Steve x Bucky:

It’s Been A Long, Long Time (Song fic)

Bucky x Reader:

 Shut Up and Kiss Me (smut)

Steve x Reader x Bucky:

 You Can Draw Me (smut)

Pietro x Reader:

Back To December (Song fic)

Peter Parker x Reader:

 Time For a Haircut


2/∞ doodle series (x)

for @princesa-rafinha

Tfw he convinces you to wear a two person sweater for a Christmas party, but then just falls asleep on you @ the party


This is ummmm kinda surreal???? It hasn’t even been a month yet and already 1k followers, whaaatttt?? U CRAZY

I don’t know, it’s probably not a big deal for some blogs but for me it’s huuuge! Since I began drawing in December I kept my distance from Tumblr because I thought what’s the point of creating a blog, who’s going to look at my silly fanarts anyway… BUT. I’m so glad I finally joined this place! Couldn’t have ever dreamed for this amount of attention and it’s as inspiring as it can get!

So THANK YOU! Truly! It’s awesome being able to share my HP feels and not feel like a pathetic dirty-minded nerd just drawing fictional characters and their love life on my free time. I mean, I am a pathetic dirty-minded nerd but I’m not alone so that’s cool ʘ‿ʘ

Haha anyway. To celebrate, here’s a very quick piece of Draco seducing you. Because we all deserve some imaginary Slytherin seduction once in a while, now don’t we?

P.S. Maybe for 2k I could do like a giveaway or something, I noticed it’s a thing here? We’ll see c: