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I'd love to see Lisa Lisa in your style~

i love her and her son with the fire of 1000 suns….


Bokuto: I got you fam

Akaashi: Bokuto-san for the umpteenth time, Hinata-san is not your son. Plz stop…

Text post inspired comic from here >> http://incorrectgym3.tumblr.com/post/144057710023/bokuto-screw-that-guy-hinata-yeah-hinata  credit to @incorrectgym3 I love all of these related blogs, there is a plethora of ideas for comics and I am so happy about that. This fandom is a blessing. Plz keep making these text posts to draw from.

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Haii~ I was just wondering if you ever plan on doing some none k-pop related art pieces, or if you already have. Don't get me wrong, I loveee k-pop (especially BTS), but I kinda wanna see what original ideas you have since you're so awesome :3 Love your work and I llook forward to seeing more!

I did a lot more back when I was in school since I sure as heck wasn’t going to turn in fan art to the art teacher lolol. but since these days free time to draw is rare, i generally find the most fun doing fanart.

Here are some old pieces from 2-4 years ago but still personal favorites~ 

“物の哀れ” (mono no aware) literally meaning “the pathos of things”, also translated as “an empathy toward things” or “a sensitivity to ephemera,” is a Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence or transience of things. Both a transient gentle sadness (or wistfulness) at their passing as well as a longer, deeper gentle sadness about this state being the reality of life.

Inspired by a group of blooming trees near my school. They only bloom for about a week, but it’s quite a sight.

“Thinking outside the box.” 

Though this was fanart for Lighting Returns contest, the concept was to design an original costume so i suppose that counts? lol still fanart tbh my artist roots always started from fanart, its what inspired me to start drawing anyway. Recreating photos is fun but I also try to mix originality in the stuff I draw for kpop too, I’m quite happy with what I was able to create inspired by dead leaves and so far away, for example. 

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What's you opinion on Josuke? Have you even met him? He's kinda like his father.

He is indeed much like his father, and I should like to know him better – perhaps once things have settled down. It’s just…

… It’s a shame he has, in a way, unintentionally caused pain…

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I have to say I'm loving your Art and am super excited for Turf Wars. Don't worry, I won't ever ask for any spoilers, but the teasers are a joy to see. And your Pharmercy art is lovely too. Keep up the wonderful work. <3 There is a question too, if you don't mind me asking? Whether it's for Official Comics or you own personal work, is there a particular - for lack of a better term - 'element' you find you enjoy drawing the most? Expressions? Poses? Outfit Designing? Etc?

Hi, thanks! My favorite thing to illustrate is intimacy. I strive to depict intimacy in all its forms, sexual or not, in the ways that I see it and enjoy it reflected in real life. 

Hi everyone, this is about my YOI Avian AU:


First of all, almost 4K notes on this in a day?? THANK YOU SO MUCH, there’s no better feeling in the world than have so many people love a story I love and gush about it with me! You guys are amazing and I’m crying the wonderful feedback you guys gave!

But because the response is so unexpectedly good and so many of you (more than 100 omg) are interested in writing a fic / drawing fanart, I realized that it’ll get old and boring if everyone writes or illustrates the same story (created by boring old me). Imagine reading 100 same stories? Not that great.

So I’m proposing something different to make this equally fun and fulling for everyone! Instead of me telling you the way I think it should go (which spoils the fun and limits your creativity), feel free to write it any way you want!! Treat the comic + ramble as a prompt and dream up of a world of your own! All you need to do is to credit me for this prompt :)

Here’s how it’ll go:

I’m inviting everyone tagged to ask me a single, specific question about the Avian AU. 

Entirely optional! Think about what you need to know the most and shoot me a question! I’ll answer your question according to my plan for how things will go (choose to follow it or not! You can ask about all the other YOI characters not in the comic, I have planned something for them!) As everyone’s questions will be different, everyone will have a different piece of the puzzle. The rest of the puzzle is for you to solve/dream up! You can even collaborate with fellow askers to know more or spin a story together! 

Hopefully, because each story is now different, this will be a more memorable writing/reading experience for you, me and everyone else following this AU! At the end of the day, we’ll have maybe 100 different and equally fascinating stories to enjoy! It’ll be so fun to read each others’ versions. I also would be way happier inspiring than dictating :D I’m being purposely secretive to build a very cool game out of this :)

HOWEVER, it’s inevitable that some versions will be similar. PLEASE be gracious about similarities, LIVE WITH IT and DON’T ACCUSE FELLOW WRITERS OF STEALING YOUR IDEAS. Nobody is stealing any ideas because creativity is meant to be shared. If you’re really afraid, keep your version secret until you publish it!

And hopefully, you guys will be equally surprised by my version when I write/illustrate it! Let’s make this a living, breathing story that changes its form at the hands of every awesome writer. Sounds exciting? Hit me with a question!

This post is dedicated to all the amazing people who love this AU enough to talk to me about it: @ashura-y  @doberttinson @bornforviktuuri @tsukifantasyart  @theloyalamberwolf @plotmaster @random-ib-survivor  @rc-dragons  @izzy519 @thelastchappie @mak-ka-chin @jggirl @shatterthe-ice  @andymora @sprosslee @alphaweeb  @nolife-found  @johannakill @anakito @latenightyaoi @fadingstarlights13  @anndreeeea  @isabella-faye  @cajuncherrybee @shycreature @otakuundertalefanblr @doomkittypumpkin @artisticautistic @moonlightandgunpowder @drawn-2-art @buttpiratecas  @jjstylish @grand-inquisitor-of-feels @kurogamimegane @childofhebe  @victory-for-victuuri  @bobsayshallo  @writerandgeek  @askvicktuuri  @sapphirebreath  @piercethehappiness  @winged-nunumz-of-ra  @bifemmextrordinaire @refertomeasunicorntoes @evangelinesinclair  @childofhebe

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The lining in your art is phenomenal!!!! I'm struggling trying to make lines look good in my art, I've even been just omitting them all together!!! If it's not too much trouble...Can you show me how you line your work? Or if you have a Patreon where you do or a source you are inspired by can you shoot it my way? Thank you so much!!! I love your art!!! ❤❤❤

sorry I dont actually have any secrets, I just kind of do it? my advice would be to practice drawing in long, even strokes rather than making a bunch of little strokes – it helps build confidence in your lines and also it will save your hand a lot of pain in the future. let your hand do the thing, worry about it later

i like grainy pencil brushes better than smooth ones, currently my favorite brush to use is one of Kyle Webster’s pencil brushes. my hand is kind of shaky, so pencil brushes tend to compliment a more wobbly line, but it really shows up when i try to draw with a pen lmao

PS I’m currently working on setting up a Patreon where I’ll put stuff about my process! Stay tuned!

Daily Inspiration 4 – @daily-gastrodon

Reuniclus loves Squish!! I have no idea how you made a Gastrodon so dang precious, but it’s very effective! You’re stylization goals!! Whenever someone talks about wanting to draw a certain Pokemon, but it’s too detailed/not cute enough/too weird, I immediately think of Squish–the epitome of adorable. And look at those wiggly ears, they’re so good!!