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Just another otayuri date
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Yurio:</b> Sorry for my delay, Mila just hid all my clothes and forced me to wear hers (that was a lie, though, Yurio borrowed Mila's clothes because he wanted to.) <p/><b></b> *Otabek looks at Yurio, so cute and good looking in Mila's clothes*<p/><b>Outside Otabek:</b> No problem. You look great. <p/><b>Inside Otabek:</b> THANK YOU GODDESS FOR THIS HEAVEN'S VISION *nose bleeds* <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

I’ve never really had a page in my sketchbook where i just take off all the pressure of creating a finished piece and just make a mess…so here is a little mess I made…

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3? (☆ω☆)


Love Like This  and A Warehouse of Who You Are  are my go-to’s for happy stuff. If I’m angsty… then that’s where the sheith playlists come in haha. BUT on the other hand…

I’ve been really really into k-pop songs lately. Like this playlist is killer. But don’t ask me any specific bands, cause uh like Keithy there. I don’t remember any of the bands or songs specifically haha. @thredbare

Lemme tell ya you dont need to ask to make fanart of my oc’s, i love a nice surprise! but if it’s nsfw then u should ask me because ill need to make sure the oc is ok to lewd. so yeah feel free to draw my oc’s i encourage it if you wan to that is.


If Apple was part of @delistylehardcore pirate AU of Johnny 10-Watt, she would have at least five different instruments with her 24/7. She loves music and uses any opportunity to play with her toys to create a tune or two.

I believe Apple is not able to see Johnny in the AU. She can barely see people’s faces when they are next to her, so how could she see a transparent ghost dad captain? Her parrot Cuckoo helps her to detect Johhny since it can see him without issue (Cuckoo is basically eyes of Apple and helps her out by screaming a ton. They are inseparable). Sometimes Apple pretends not to hear him or even know anything of his existence. She either tries to avoid working or play around with children who visits his ship.