draw something somethings


The 8 steps of drawing mountains!
1: make a crooked line.
2: make another crooked line from the top to the other side, creating a triangle with no bottom line.
3: make a crooked line from the middle of the line you just made and make it a bit longer so that this peak is slightly taller.
4: make a crooked line from the top to the same level as the first line you made at step 1.
5: make crooked lines from the peaks almost all the way down in the middle. Let them go slightly to the right side.
6: Turn the paper to fill in the blank space with lines and dots. Start out with a few lines going from the middle to the sides.
7: Just make lines going from the middle and out. Let some of them go all the way, but be sure to make dots too or shorter lines to make an uneven pattern.
8: Hopefully, you have two mountains in front of you. You can always add a sun, a little planet, stars (you can just make little dots or tiny circles in different sizes), or a moon, etc.

Ojiro: This is not a trick right? 

Shinsou: No, it’s not.

Ojiro: Did you put something in the ice cream?

Shinsou: Im eating the same ice cream. Could you please accept it and eat it or do I have to shove it through your throat.


Ojiro: At this rate you won’t have my forgiviness.

((I’ve seen the trailer more than 76 times and Shinsou’s voice is asihdkasdbnaskdjasdBSaksdjasd MY HEART CAN’T.

I’m in the mood to draw lots of Shinsou! So if you have a request send it now!))