draw something serious now

Playing with colors a lil bit~

K: Fuck yes

Ahhh sometimes when I take on things I want to draw for my friends I feel bad when I haven’t even finished the previous thing I said I was gonna draw

Salut mes amis! XD

I’ll tell you a story….

Once upon a time, there was an egoistic, czech artist electrixxx, who decided to draw something halloween AFTER halloween…  Yeah, what a rebel!

Ehmmm….okay, I’m serious now. When I was thinking what to draw, I realized I didn’t draw anything halloween themed! And when I thought about it, I imagined Cat Noir as princess…and it ended up Cat Noir singing Let it go…Yeah, now you probably realized how crazy I am. So what… XD :3


bbac suga aka a Total Fashionista

its me……………..red pants dream anon……….i was too afraid to reveal my identity….im also fanmix #2 anon….nervous laughter…

if you love VOLLEYBALL AND MAGIC AT THE SAME TIME IN A MODERN SETTING, including but not limited to UNICORNS, WITCHCRAFT, AND DRAGONS please read skittidyne‘s INCREDIBLE fic bell, book, and candle!!!!! ive been reading this fic since it was first posted and its helped me laugh through lots of rough patches, every time it updates i flip my shit. i really wanted to give back and thank you for this gift so when you mentioned wanting fanart of this scene i knew..it was time..

bonus, please imagine suga in this outfit dancing to this

(also he is wearing shrimp boxers)

arosoup  asked:

I told myself I would draw something serious for the first page of my sketchbook, now I'm drawing gay candy boys on the first page.

GOOD! Cause there is a lot of that in this AULike James and Seamus have a thing for lollipops and they have a secret stash of them that they share c: Sly likes to hang out with Seamus a lot but Tammy gets a little jelly B} That’s all im saying for now (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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  • askbox: -fun art asks i want to answer about characters i desperately need to draw-
  • me: oh man i should do these!! but first
  • me: -cleans my room-
  • me: -finishes 3 other art pieces-
  • me: -starts five new pieces-
  • me: -goes on a walk and takes a shower-
  • me: -redoes my blog theme-
  • me: -organizes my desktop folders-
  • me: -cleans my room again-
  • askbox: -still there-
  • me: ok i'm seriously going to work on these now!!
  • me: -draws something else-
  • me: ok im serious this time
  • me: -finishes another drawing-
  • me: i can do it i just--
  • me: -sketches five more entirely unrelated things-
  • me: -THROWS PEN- !!!!!!!WHY!!!!!! AM I LIKE THIS!!!!!