draw more birds

Messy sketch. But playful hugs !!! ♡ ♡ ♡


Mob’s mum told him to just let nature take its course because birds will abandon any baby touched by a human, but luckily, he discovered a loophole.

I draw a lot more than I actually upload, so I want to try posting some sketches as well as finished pictures. I need more practice with loose sketches anyway;;

Wanted to play around with shapes a little bit, so I thought the relatively simple triangular silhouette of Grandma Berd would be a good place to start.

lunar witch namjoon! for @with-this-coven’s au again :3c

i guess this counts as an improvement thing bc it looks a lot like my first ever witch namjoon thing? thank god i actually learned how to draw joonies nose fgjfgj

This isn’t my Gaster design but I can’t remember who’s it is for the life of me. If anyone knows could you please tell me so I can give them proper credit?

…and then something special on the bedside table. The very first picture he’d ever taken with his reverse-engineered camera. It was a picture of him and Grillby, long before I came around, but I couldn’t stop staring. It was actually a picture of him. Him and Grillby both looked so young, and the diner decor in the background was different than what it was now. The picture was at least a hundred years old. They really looked happy. - Sans Journal, Entry 38.

It’s my first time of drawing something again. Today it’s a blue bird ( and like I said - first bird in my life ). It’s reminds me of Mordecai from “Regular Show”…don’t you think? Now I’m in love with nature!