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HELLO hello first of all your art is one of my favorite thing in the world you have no idea how happy it makes me !!! also i was wondering if comics were hard to draw ? like.. do you use references for every panel or just go with the flow and see what happens ? im really curious :D i hope im not bothering, have a great day!!!! 💓💗💖💕

hello!! thank you a lot for the praise, I’m so glad I can make you happier with my art!! <3
I haven’t been making comics for very long to be honest, and I’m still learning a lot. obviously my main influences are manga, but I think no matter your style the key is to…read a lot of comics and pay attention to how they are constructed?
for the little comics I’ve been posting here, I honestly don’t put much thought about it other than those small rules: make it vertical so it’s easily readable on tumblr’s dashboard (as in, I don’t draw two panels next to the other) ; and make it as short as possible to avoid clogging said dashboard (haha…)
my advice would be to start drawing a draft/story board of your entire comic before making a finished version. I didn’t save any drafts of the tododekus I’ve done but I guess it should look like something like this

A.K.A the “I don’t care about drawing itself, I’m focusing on composition, panels placement, gag-delivery, etc”

my example isn’t very good but if you guys are interested in this I can post actual drafts next time

hope this helps a little bit..! I’m wary about giving advices because I still have a loooooot to learn myself…


Based on this

“The RFA want to do Jaehee a favor and start working at her cafe. She then creates special Cupcakes based on their personality and everytime someone orders one of their cupcakes, they have to serve you personally, sort of like a maid cafe.”

Okay sooo, send me a cupcake, trait and mc & I will draw a mini comic/scenario or a picture based on your selection! (But I’m super slow, so please be patient with me TnT) + If you have something special in mind please let me know! Like something that needs to happen in that scenario, an additional character maybe or just random stuff. If you’re not the creative one in this we’re screwed, because neither am I. Haaa, joke I will find something you might enjoy not a fucking joke you need to work with me here <3<3

!!!!I’m ready help

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hi! this isn't an ask, but I'm a coward. it's a confession, that i've been one of your audiences for a long time and i've watched you grow. i'm an 'artist' that got intimidated by your work and passion, but hoping to be like you! i'm still struggling with my art, i've barely reached somewhere, but i'm grateful you're there as an inspo 💕 keep drawing for people like me out there!! 🍑🍑

AA don’t be intimidated!!! i can be quite stubborn with tunnel vision when it comes to drawing, but i hope that this attitude comes to you has a hand to hold rather than as something scary! draw on nonny ❤

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How long does it take for you to draw one of your more detailed pictures? I've used your pictures of like Solas to try and draw more detailed like and less "anime" like. I hope you don't consider it stealing; I don't sell it or anything. I can't afford to take drawing class while I'm in university for science. I usually get flustered and not get far it he looks, deformed I guess. Just like something is off and I can't figure out what but yours are so perfect.

By “more detailed” do you mean one of my paintings like this one? If so, it depends on the piece itself… usually portraits are much faster to finish. I think that one took me around four hours, though (which is pretty damn unacceptable haaaaaaahmovingon).

Even if I do bash myself for taking too long most of the time, I’d like to think that the time it takes you to get a piece of art to a state where you’re happy with it doesn’t matter as long as you get it to said state. As long as you’re content in the end. Of course if you’re working professionally and you have deadlines to meet, becoming a bit faster at what you do might just be obligatory, but that’s an entirely different scenario. 

As for using my pictures as reference, I don’t mind at all. We all need references for drawing from time to time, if anything I’m humbled that you consider my art good enough at all to use as reference, to be honest! I can’t very well say what’s off on your pieces because I don’t have an example ^^’ but my word of advice would be to keep trying, study whatever pictures you have as reference and work on picking up on the details that make Solas look like himself. 

If you keep at it, I’m sure you’ll get there! Just don’t give up~


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Hi Izzy. The advice you gave on the pizza party podcast (the back up back up one from this week) about art styles and not just like drawing in your own style and forcing yourself to draw in other styles in order to improve was really good. Ive kinda been in an art rut lately and I think that advice helped me out. I just wanted to say thanks cause it was good advice! (Also its so cool that your from Indy cause I too live in Indianapolis)

I’m gonna be honest, I completely forgot what happened on the back-up podcast, but I’ve been told I gave good advice! So glad people get getting something positive out of me being on the podcast! 

I need to do a meet up at one of the Indianapolis meet ups. I usually have a booth at Indy Pop Con, by the way.

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Can u stop rebloging your drawings so often?its getting kinda annoying

Imagine spending 5+ hours on one artwork. Imagine being really happy with how it turned out and sharing it on social media. And now imagine no one giving a shit about it. Feels nice, doesn’t it?

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Just for future ref if people want to send asks about dentist kira please send them to me.. since like, im the au's creator and its sorta unfair to direct the stuff about it to someone else. not to like offend you morty, its just kinda annoying is all. sorry man.

Oh no, I’m not offended. Being sent questions about someone else’s AU is quite awkward on my end as well haha. Especially since all I did was draw one picture…

So as much as I appreciate the jokes and things, please remember that this isn’t my AU and to send your things to Vilet first and foremost.

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I just want to say I love your art. It's really manga like and like some other anon said I agree I would also pay for a Notre Dame AU from you. Did you think about creating doujinshis?

Thank you for the kind words! Honestly, hearing that my art is appreciated never cease to brighten my day <3

Regarding the doujinshi, I’m proud to announce that @chocobutt-trash and I are currently collaborating to put one together! He’s already begun working on a script for me to draw and all I can say about it right now is HOO BOY, YOU GUYS IN FOR A TREAT.

It’s still very much a work in progress, so I can’t say when exactly it will be released, but I hope that you’ll find it to be worth the wait!

WAIT! What?

You know.. i don’t get involved with actors personal life and i was minding my own bussiness looking for a picture of Katie (for a drawing) and when i first saw this one.. i was like, “cuties, oh! how i miss those ladies and Merlin so much” 

but then…👀

I know it’s an old picture and all.. but Morgana Pendragon in the entire series didn’t have any formal love interests… so it’s not part of her character to wear this type of rings…

I do not intend to draw any conclusions neither start any kind of rumors about Katie’s personal life… ‘cause it’s not of my business at all but let me know, what are your thoughts about it?…

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What would you define as abuse in a D/s relationship? Like, where do you draw the line with your boy?

Abuse in a D/s to me is when one party (usually the submissive) is being hurt or repressed due to the actions and/or attitudes of the other, be them direct or indirect. Even when I have my husband’s consent to do or try something new, I do my best to analyze any and every possible outcome to make sure that what I’m going to do does not injure, hurt or hinder him in any way.