draw me like one of your


Ah gosh I’m sorry this took so long! I figured I would rather put all my effort into this and give it to you late than turn it in unfinished !
…well the point was to finish it so haha

So @sevi007! Here’s your late birthday gift from me!
I wanted one of the pages to look a lot like how Horikoshi draws it, so there’s that too. I hope you like it! 
And guys if you haven’t read Sevi’s “Talk to me” - fic yet ……

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I love your ocs so much they have such unique designs!!! But I gotta ask, do you ever think you're designing too many? Or like, you feel like you don't give the ones you have enough attention? Because I sure do.

oh hell yeah man i ALWAYS wanna make new ocs but i know if i do i wont use em at all


but i do it anyways. cuz i suck.

ever see me draw Reese or Atlas? even know who they are?? my two recent ocs who i was obsessed with for the first 3 days of their creation and then POOF GONE WHO CARES 

but if u like making characters you should totally do it anyways. if it makes u happy and u aint hurtin anyone do it 

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7 and 12!

7: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand

It’s her turn to suffer XD

12: Favorite thing to draw?

Eyes! But a quick scroll through my art tag says 

I apparently love profiles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But there’s this one thing that always feels so damn satisfying to draw and that’s

It just 

*clenches fist* 

feels so good :3

Artist Ask Meme

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motivational dunsparce pls give me inspiration to continue learning how to draw digitally!! (@dailyshellos)

Everything you draw, even if it’s just a scribble or a sketch, even if you hate it and don’t want to show it to anyone or love it and show it to everyone, helps you improve!

Draw something every single day, take ten minutes on a sketch or an hour on a drawing, and over the months your skill will increase and your art style will develop.

It’s a slow process, but don’t give up! You’ll be able to look back one day and see how much you’ve improved! <3


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if u wanna, can you tell me a bit more about your necromancer?? that seems like a cool concept, i never thought of how necromancy would affect a person's aura!!!

yeah i love talking abt her no worries!! her name is nat and she’s one of the main characters from the novel i’ve been working on for the past five years.

a tldr; of how the magic system works is that there are humans descended from the fae, and these humans are called faeblood. nat’s descended from a type of fae that draws its powers from the lifeforces of living things. most faebloods descended from these particular fae use their magic for healing, and nat was raised learning how to do that too. but as she got older, she became fascinated by the potential uses of necromancy - which, like a lot of fantasy things, is a forbidden magic because of all the ways it could go wrong, plus its just seen as morally wrong - and started studying it; it was purely academic, at first!

and then there was an Incident™ and the tldr; for THAT is that a dog of a friend got out of the house while nat was housesitting and the dog ran out into the road and was killed, and nat panicked and tried to put the necromancy she’d learned into practice without any previous knowledge of actually USING it. she succeeded in binding a spirit back to the dog’s body, but she grabbed the wrong spirit: instead, her friend’s dog now has the spirit of a cat that had died nearby and had yet to move on bouncing around inside of it. and like. the dog/cat is OKAY. but it’s very much a fuck up.

since then her aura has a bit of a… black smudge on it? as a mark of her messing around with things that go against the cycle of life and death. animals don’t like her because they can sense something’s off with her. (note: animals that have crossed the veil and were brought back don’t seem to mind)

she still practices necromancy on a much smaller scale, but instead of animals she focuses in on trying to adapt necromancy to the usage of plants which is… a complicated research project that’s ongoing at this point in her story lmao.

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I have a lot to thank you, i'm myself a chubby-small-short-haired lady and most of times i just don't feel attractive. And this prevents me from shipping myself with my favorite chars 'cause i think i'm not pretty enough for 'em to like. Seeing your art makes me want to indulge myself just one time. And truth to be told, your art style is simple sooo beautiful and cute and adorable and pretty and smooth and soft and incredible and cute an

thank you!! <33

pls please PLEASE don’t let douchebags stop you from drawing selfship!! you deserve to draw it if it makes you happy!! if you ever get hate just block them and keep being you cuz you’re awesome and deserve happiness!! <3

@spicyenjolras requested “grantaire, jehan and ferre going searching for your fave cryptid (like bigfoot hunting or something but with your favorite one ya know?) i don’t mind which one, as long as you have fun drawing it😌❤️” after getting all ten questions about me right lol

i tried a new style this time so i eeally hope you like it! (and theyre looking for mothman lol)

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I'm a little shy, so I'm going to ask this on anon. I'm also an artist, and I've been drawing for four years now. However, I feel as if I haven't improved as much as I should have. Do you have any tips on staying motivated to continue? Thanks so much.

awww ;-;/// (huggies)

there is no specific rate of improvement artists go through, and you shouldn’t worry too much about your own. often times you’re improving without realizing the significance of it. something like only having to erase a hand 3 times instead of 15 can seem like so little, but it’s a huge improvement!

for me, i improved on one thing at a time, and even then things i thought i was ‘good’ at declined while i worked on another aspect of my style. for a long while i worked on anatomy, and during that time, the faces i drew became more distorted–for whatever reason, i forgot a little bit of the measurements that i had gotten used to, and the whole face became too narrow… after i was satisfied with anatomy, i went back and worked more on faces and now i’m happy with them again.

it’s a slow process, but the most important thing is to not focus on if you’re ‘improving’ or not. draw what makes you happy, try out different styles you like and they’ll teach you things you’ll want to incorporate in your own–and never be afraid to use references! i remember back when i was little i thought referencing was ‘cheating’ in my art somehow… forget all that nonsense and enjoy yourself :3

I’m doing Commissions!

Hello everybody!

I’ve never done this before, but I’m excited to start taking commissions from anyone who’s interested!


 - I can draw your OCs, fandom stuff, or whatever you’d like - but due to time constraints, I can really only draw one character at a time, and I am not comfortable drawing NSFW stuff, although I am willing to do some light gore.

 - I must also insist on the money first, before I get started.


$5 - A headshot

$10 - A full-body picture of your character with minimal shading.

$20 - A full-body picture of your character, but without a background.

$40 - A full-body picture of your character with a background.

If any of these interest you, please send me a message, and we’ll hash out the details!

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i dunno if ive said this before, but your art reminds me alot of monster hunter's lil icons. i guess its because you draw the monsters, but they feel more fleshed out

You might of actually– I’ve been told that before and your username is very familiar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you though! n_n I really like the little icons too and Monster Hunter is one of my favourite video game franchises so it has definitely inspired me. :)

"Draw me like your french girls"- Chibs Telford Drabble

Life with Sons never was easy. How could it be? So many blood, dead bodies, gun-shots and fights all around. But you were defenetly above it. You were Gemma’s niece. You came to Charming for kind of vocation but it ends up that you stayed there for next few months, helping Gemma with her job and stuffs like that. Also you fall for one of the Sons what was defenetly disapproved. Chibs Telford was definetly one of kindest, nicest, sweetest Sons you known. Of course only for you, when no one else could see. You’ve got your own five while whom you were making love on the back seat of his car. It was rough and quick and after this you both decided that was mistake. Now he was propably your best friend and even if you loved him you knew that couldn’t work out. It was better like that.

“What are you doing Scottie?” You asked Chibs after you walked to his dorm. No knocking as always. He was sitting on bed scetching in his notebook and smoking, definetly not cigarett. Not everyone knew that this Scottish Son was acually a great drawer. You loved his works. He was especially good in sketching girls. Naked girls, honestly.

“Chilling.”He smiled to you and left his notebook on his side. “ What you want, doll?”

“I was just wondering if you have some free time?” You smiled leaning against doors.

“For you doll, always. And acually I have some free time because boys planning a party so I have nothing to do. You wanted something special?”

“I was wondering if you…can you…Draw me like your french girls, Filip.“

He was quit shock. He even couldn’t tell a word for a second or two.

“W-What? You want that?”

“Yes. And I think you are the best artist to do it. You’ve seen my body and I’m not ashamed of you.”

“Really?” He smiled, widely this time and walked to you. “When?”

“Even now.” You foled a gentle kiss on his cheek. Chibs locked the doors, took his notebook and he sat in a chair. 

“So come on, darlin. Take your clothes off.”

You walked to the bed looking at Filip over your shoulder.

“But you need take off your too.”

“If you say so.” He smiled standing up.

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So, if I maybe-possibly-kinda wanted to draw your space pirates AU, what exactly does their symbol/tattoo look like? Is it shaped like anything in particular or is it just a random scribble or whatever? (Also, is it on both shoulders, or just one? if so, which one?) Sorry for all the questions, I just like to be accurate, haha

okay so ACTUALLY


(forgive me, for all I have is pencils and paper.)

first one is the original scribble, and the second is the finished version the tattoo artist blessedly edited it to be. it’s sheer and pure luck that the design ended up being six parts for six kids, which is a big reason why it gained traction as their theorized pirate flag.

clean it up into nice lines if you would, I didn’t put a ton of effort into making this look very good.

also, everyone’s individual tattoos are in their signature colors. blue, red, purple, orange, etc etc, because space ink is better and brighter than earth ink.

for their placements, the top point starts at the top of the shoulder, and goes almost down to the elbow. they’ve all got it on their shoulders, but who has it on which is up to you. 

and please please please tag me when you draw this shit, I want to see it so badly you don’t even know.

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Jupiter, Uranus, Bellatrix, Cassiopeia, Aries, Supernova, Quasar, Black Hole ^_^

Jupiter: Do you have any siblings?

I have one older sister.

Uranus: What’s your hobby? 

Drawing I guess. I also love to walk in my city , to explore new places. It gives me inspiration…

Bellatrix: Have you ever been forced to lie/keep a secret?

I had never been “forced” but sometimes I was asked to keep certain things for me. It’s not like I had other people to say it so I was always silent.

Aries: Favourite movie? 

Elephant by Gus Van Sant.

Cassiopeia: Favourite book?

Apart from a few mangas from time to time, I don’t read much. So my favorite mangas are One Piece, Bambi, Bokurano, Evangelion, Negima … I can’t choose only one!

Supernova: What’s one thing you want to do before you die? 

Learn waacking. I love this type of dance and it would be so cool!

Quasar: If you could spend the rest of your life with only one person, who would it be?

If I had a person who appreciates being by my side as I like to be at her side , who understands me , who appreciates me as I am, it would be her.

Black Hole: What’s the last thing you want to see? 

Mmmmmmmm… I really don’t know. I’m sorry :(((

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I'm fucking crying one of my friends was over and saw your Danny phantom sticker on my laptop and tried to get me to admit I like homestuck I've never even read it like bitch please leave Danny alone

i dont remember drawing a godtier danny
sldfkj except for like,,that one fusion between dave and danny i think someone requested

Give away!

So most of the give awaysI have done have failed. Most due to lack of communication and so on. So I was thinking, how could I do this? Lets do art requests! These will, mostly, be in my little doll people style but it depends on how I feel

Examples of doll style:

And this is my other style;

So, what are the rules?

  1. You must be following me (you can be a new follower or start to follow because you want to enter, thats fine <3)
  2. You must respect the fact I can’t draw everything so if your character isn’t chosen because of one reason or another- sorry.
  3. Reblog this with a (’good’) Ref! Or like this and send it to me in my ask box <3
  4. Don’t pester me about it! Just wait <3
  5. Any fandom can enter but do aware- I can only really draw humans, some pokemon, or MLP oc’s
  6. It must be YOUR oc. If you adopted it- thats fine as well.
  7. If you do have any questions- please do message me!

there’s one bit in the original Beauty and the Beast that’s bugged me ever since I saw it as a kid? It’s when Mrs Potts is sending Chip to bed and she says “hop into the cupboard with your brothers and sisters” and there are? lots of other Chip-like cups in there?

possible conclusions to be drawn from this:

  • mrs potts has over 20 children but only actually cares about one of them
  • there were tons of children in the castle when it was cursed and none of them bar Chip had parents or guardians
  • the cursed servants, going mad with the isolation, have taken to drawing faces on the actually inanimate objects and treating them like children

none of these possibilities are good

let this man call his brother cute