draw me like one of your

So I don’t really talk to my extended family very much. All the ones who are around my age, even the ones I was really close with when I was younger, I know nothing about.

But yesterday my step mom was like “your cousin such-and-such is such a good artist, she does these amazing commissions” and she shows me her DeviantART page and that’s how I figured out that one of my cousins draws like 90% big, anthro cow characters and I am pretty sure one of them was her fursona.


Oh geez Guys !!! Somehow, it makes me very happy to have so many :’D
I wasn’t expecting so much… But yeah, I won’t be able to do every single one of them, you can understand right ^^’ ?
I wanted to choose like 5 at first ??
Then, again, please, don’t be mad at me if I don’t draw yours :’D

Now, let’s draw some palette ships !

Run to Your Love

Where there’s a running scene, there’s drama. There are emotions building up.

It can be used with comedic device (ep.1) for a fun surprise: Chubby Yuuri don’t have one second to take off his sneakers with hands.

Just shake them off!

(the number of sketches they had to draw for showing a one second non-skating scene intimidates me)

Claw his way…

(OST: my heart beats like a drum)

Run and Bump into things…

Open every door…

To seek every corner.

(SORRY for the inconvenience, gentlemen. Love is unstoppable.)

In ep.9, it shows the feels in response to the mutual yearning because the important someone could not stay by each other’s side earlier. Build an explicit escalation of the relationship.

(Notice the OST here is simple piano notes, pure and gentle; contrast with the tensity of the run)


Iconic scenes. (I feel wordless )

Run to a loving reunion at full strength.

If you know how love aches.

(*why STILL had my eyes burning after watching it more than 20 times)

Bonus: the family

“Stay close to me and never leave;
  I’m afraid of losing you.”

(Makka’s love is strong too  *sob)

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My friend showed me Hamilton and introduced me to it with your animations. Thank you so much for your beautiful art. You made me get an interest in Hamilton and it's stopped me from self harming many times. I just pop on one of your videos and say "what would Eliza do?" And honestly it really helps. I've even started doing my hair like you draw hers. So thank you for helping me get into such an amazing work of art and thank you again; for yours.

oh man ;;; that’s really nice to hear dude, stay strong!! thank you so much <3

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theres this one girl whos fire emblem kin and she uses fanart on her kin page and the artist has asked her to take it down like 6 times and she keepis responding "if you dont want me to use your art then you shouldnt draw me" and its honestly so... you feel

Its your neighbor hood alien back at it again with the fresh new v̶e̶n̶t̶ art with the shadow kid! This drawing took forever to make about 3 hours…

If your wondering the song is from a twenty one pilots song called Cancer.

Art drawn by me!

Do not claim my art!!

Do not steal my art!!!

Ask before use!!!!

Reblog only if you like my art!!!!!

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Your kid is very confused about tattoos. One day, when Seb brings her around for work, she looks up to her uncle Chris, brows furrowed. 'Chrissie? Do you have to draw those back on in the mornings after your shower?' She asks, poking at his tattoos. 'Well, I'm not very good at drawing, I get my mommy to do it for me.' 'Dad! Can Mommy do me tattoos like Chrissie's when we get home?' Sebastian is very confused and unsure what to say, instead just Facetimes you and has you handle it.

ahahahah! and then mommy has to explain that’s not how it works and then she asks for a real tattoo 

Daddy Thursday™

[TRANS] MXM - I Just Do Lyrics

Please open your pretty door today
Since I brought a bouquet of flowers
that look like your smile
Will I be able to see your truthful heart tomorrow
I’m so nervous that I’m unable to sleep today as well
While being unable to sleep, all my senses
continue to draw your backside that passed by in the day
It’s like the best scene of today,
it doesn’t leave my memory, it’s like a drama
I’ll direct this scenario
I’ll even find a place that looks like a painting
An OST that is complete once you become the female lead
Only then, does the story between me and you start

I just do, forever baby
Only you, forever
Small flowers have blossomed in my heart, baby
I want to be with you every night

I’ll look at only you all day long, one way one way
A life without you is boring, boring
When that sweet scent passes the tip of my nose,
I feel so good
On a sweet night, on this night, I just want to
hold you tightly in my embrace for a long, long time

I thought about what you said yesterday
Although you like me,
you don’t think you’ll be able to approach me easily
I do, I can keep promises now too
Open your door just a bit and come into my embrace
That’s right, you just need to come bit-by-bit like that to me
Don’t stop, when this song’s
melody slightly whispers at the tip of your ears,
you’ll nod your head as if it’s ticklish
I’ll become the sweetest accompaniment in the world
When you’re having a hard time, lean on me. I’ll be your rest symbol
I’ll match the tempo to your small footsteps
I’m in big trouble, my heart is already at a crescendo

I just do, forever baby
Only you, forever
I’ll use all of my time baby
I want to be with you every night

The evening sunset’s redness feels like
I’m somewhat looking into my mirror
With red cheeks as if I’m shy
I can’t think of the sun that’s disappearing
And then the windowsill that the moon is shining on
A beautiful rose called you that shimmers
One flower bloomed fully in my heart
Everyday maybe feels different because of you

I just do, forever baby
Only you, forever
Small flowers have blossomed in my heart, baby
I want to be with you every night

I’ll look at only you all day long, one way one way
A life without you is boring, boring
When that sweet scent passes the tip of my nose,
I feel so good
On a sweet night, on this night, I just want to
hold you tightly in my embrace for a long, long time

lyrics by: mxm and kiggen
translation credits: @woojinprk

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hey frejann!! I've been following your blog for a while now - came for the jojo stayed for the adorable art and really nice artist haha - and I just felt like mentioning that your art has always been amazing to me, but recently has gotten even better! I adore those Spiderman and Wonder Woman ones you posted earlier, they look really good!! anyway, just felt like dropping by. have a great day/afternoon/night! :)

aaahhh thank you, holy shit so many nice messages lately! It’s summer and the only job I do is commissions so I’m drawing a lot every day, so I’d like to think that hopefully I’ve gotten at least a little bit better :’) Thanks for following and enjoying my art! it really means a lot to me <3

Big question

Since I recently opened my youtube account and got a camcorder from my lovely boyfriend, what kind of content would you like to see?

Sketching Sessions?
Tutorials?(If yes, for what?)
Sketchbook tours(both newer and older ones)?
Podcasts with topics like beating an artblock, getting motivated, how to learn right?
Product reviews?

I am also thinking about making “sketch with me” videos/streams where I will invite people to draw from a reference together with me, and for us all to then compare our results with a hashtag on tumblr and twitter, or a facebook group, but that is only really doable as soon as there is more subscribers. QvQb

Tell me your opinions though!!

Btw, i am not dead or on hiatus or anything, just a little mentally drained and keeping my head over the water- my apologies for the little art I show. orz
I am busy with my third sketchbook now! The large one I finished since middle of june (A4, 236 pages), a second one I finished in just a little over a month (A4, 68 pages), and the small one I am working on now! (A5, 22 out of 68 pages filled!)
I will try to show some things again once I have something really worth showing! >v<

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1. You are a beautiful human being and your art is amazing. 2. I've been trying to get into drawing more recently, and it's really frustrating cause I can't find an art style I like. How'd you find yours?

That’s a very good question! Back then, I did a lot of research and tips on how to develop your art style. (Which I don’t think really helped much) a lot of them said that I should take 2 (or more) of my favorite artists that has different styles and try drawing their styles to sees if it leads to anything (dunno if that makes sense). But that didn’t work for me. Then one day, I wrote down everything that I thought I did wrong on a drawing and tried to correct them, (example; eyes too big, sharper eyes, shorter nose etc) and those words stuck with me for a long time, and that way, I guess I found my art-style? But I did do a mistake back then. I didn’t have that much patience in me and I honestly thought I would never find a style that I am comfortable with. If you feel frustrated, take a breath or a pause because I’m positive you’ll reach your goal, someday 😊

I used to have a document with my friends’ birthdays (basically to plan gifts and to make sure I don’t miss any), but I lost that one too, apparently.

So I would really appreciate it if you could tell me your birthday date so I can write it down again and plan stuff (I’m sorry I don’t remember the dates given that my memory is so bad and 90% of my friends’ birthdays happen during the first two weeks of October).

In other news, seems like I will be out of my room for at least another month, and that’s a Big Problem because there are two birthdays this month and I wanted to draw something, but it’s impossible. I feel so bad about that… I was wondering if there could be any alternative I could do as a present. Maybe writing a one shot for my friends with their favorite character(s) when their birthday comes? Would my friends like that? I really don’t want to stop giving birthday gifts but this year it seems like drawing will be impossible (no place to draw, no materials, no time, too much stress preparing for the exams, shoulder injury, etc.)

So I really appreciate suggestions. Like, feel free to tell me “I want this for my birthday!” and I will try my best!

let me try and explain again

let me try and explain again by retts

Author’s summary:

Even: Mum is asking when we had our first date

Isak: ????

Isak: Why would she ask that? What are you telling her?

This is from the (uncompleted at the time of posting) series Great Good Fine OK, and I do like all of it, but as we don’t rec incomplete fics I’m settling for drawing your attention to the first completed work in the series. Note that the entire series also covers angst and other ratings.

This first one, though, is an adorable texting fic about how it’s rather difficult to tell anybody reasonably sensible their “how did you meet each other” story. Precious, cute and funny short fic.


Would anyone be interested in me mailing them some small cut outs? Like totally free, I would mail you 1-5 little peices of my own art. The reason why is like I understand many of you guys are broke and can’t buy my commissions I totally get it, but I would just like for people to have my art.
I can give you the ones I already have or make customs one for you. From almost any show(depends on how complex they are to draw) but yeah, if you guys are interested please hit me up. Also they will only be from the shoulders up? Cause man, I’m not gonna draw the whole body lmao.
You have to be comfortable in sharing your mailing address and all, and this is only for people in the US. (Sorry :^( )


Here is that video!! I posted it late…

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