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The night is quiet. Like a camp before battle. The city beset by a thing unknown and will it come from forest or sea? The murengers have walled the pale, the gates are shut, but lo the thing’s inside and can you guess his shape? Where he’s kept or what’s the counter of his face? Is he a weaver, bloody shuttle shot through a timewarp, a carder of souls from the world’s nap? Or a hunter with hounds or do bone horses draw his deadcart through the streets and does he call his trade to each? Dear friend he is not to be dwelt upon for it is by just suchwise that he’s invited in.
—  Suttree, Cormac McCarthy

Here’s a new piece for patreon.com/tycarter!
One of my favorite trips as a boy was to the southern parts of Escalante, Utah.  There were all sorts of vantage points and shady looking, could-be hideouts. In this piece, I went classic western style with a touch of Edgar Payne. Coyote Gulch explores making an environment in confined space for characters. Sign up from March 1-31

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it


Azurrin Week 2016 Day 5: Song



Corre Libre! Corre en Libertad!
Basándome en la película #spirit realizado esta pequeña animación, espero os guste tanto como a mí hacerla :)

Por todos esos animales que merecen correr libres

“Nunca nadie me va a dominar
yo voy a pelear
no me rendiré, nunca yo me rendiré

Atrapado estoy
pero no me montarán
jamás lo verán
no me rendiré, nunca yo me rendiré

Mi libertad buscaré…

SI!! soy libre…!” #animal #animalliberation #vegan #horses #animation #animationart #art #freedom #manueljiniesta #brianadams #drawing @elhogarprovegan @santuarioespiritulibre @santuariowingsofheart @micabravegana @silviavr.eco @joseiniesta5 @emeartdsg (en Málaga, Spain)

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