draw closer

show me your love spell 💙

a simple spell to help subtle or nuanced feelings be communicated 

💙  dry some rose petals and crush them, add dill. 

💙   sprinkle a pinch of the two herbs over an effect of the person, or something that represents the relationship. 

💙   make a little circle out of the rest of the herbs, put the candle in the center.

💙   Burn the candle and chant,

By rose petals and dill this spell starts
Draw me closer and show your cares
As I’ve held you in my arms
And you hold me in your heart

💙   SAVE THE HERBS IN A BAG or something. 

💙   If the spell becomes too much, so you can salt and burn them to end it.


So a while ago people were talking about ‘liveaction tv show, actors!au’ and i love imagining blooper reels for animated things, so my twin sister and I came up with this silly thing. Now seemed an appropriate time to share with the recent liveaction movie announcement. 

Marinette’s actor would be a total jokester

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.

anonymous asked:

Can I request a Sora & Riku hug, please? Btw your art is really cute!!

Of course!! Does piggyback/koala hug count? :’D Poor Sora made himself sick loool

Aaa and thank you kind anon!! <333


Iwa-chan and Oikawa on their way home after a super cute date-not-date type of day where they just wander around and chat shit about everyone and everything, and share an ice cream after playing a casual pick-up game of volleyball in the park.

Ways to develop love for Allah:
1) Reciting Qur'ān, reflecting and understanding its meaning and content
2) Drawing closer to Allāh - the Most High - through optional deeds, after fulfilling the obligatory duties
3) Being continuous in the dhikr [remembrance] of Allah, with the tongue, the heart and the limbs - under all circumstances.
4) Giving precedence to what Allāh loves over personal loves, when being overcome by desires.
5) Contemplating and deliberating over the Names and attributes of Allah.

as the elevator door closes, for a moment the chaos surrounding them seems to stop. 

in the flickering light, jyn and cassian search each other’s eyes for comfort.

jyn decides to move closer, her arms now draped around cassian’s neck. he is badly injured. face to face and heart to heart, they both silently contemplate the fate that awaits them. 

cassian draws jyn still closer, they are now just inches apart. flashes of a future together in his mind, alongside the realization that there’s no time for that anymore. jyn gazes back knowingly. they continue to support each other, connected, their hearts beating in sync. both wanting to say so much, but understanding that all they have is this present moment together right now.

maybe that is enough.

i’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad // welcome home