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Draw with my mouse

Some people know that, my graphics tablet was broken yesterday .I always know how to draw with my mouse,but because of this quality,I am afraid of losing your love.

The two art is also used in the mouse

androgynousfinepotato  asked:

Your art is AMAZING!! What program do you use? (And, do you perhaps have any advice for traditional artists looking to learn digital?)

First off gosh thanks for the lovely message and the follow!

I use a program called Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio, I got it bc it was good for comic making and illustration and has a built up page organiser for printing physical books and recently a frame by frame animation tool which is neat. 

I also use brushes that emulates gouache paint and not much else haha. I love the feel of it and it really looks like tactile paint once you get the hang of it. I believe I got those brushes and a few other ones from Brian Allen? If not from him I believe if you search manga studio 5 gouache brushes you’ll find them quick. 

As for advice for those trying out digital:

First get a really cheap ass tablet, do NOT draw with a mouse bc it’s bad for your wrist, you can get a really simple one for like 50$ just to try out and see how you feel. Once you feel comfortable I would recommend getting a tablet with a screen so you don’t get the disconnect between your hand and eyes, though they are quite expensive. My Cintiq 13 HD was around £600, I’ve had it for near 3 years now and I’ve loved it and would only change it if a bigger one was better for me. 

Two, don’t work on a white background, the glare from the screen is bad for the eyes and also it distorts the colour as you see them bc of how colour looks depending on what’s next to it. If you’ve ever seen those illusions with the checkered pattern and one’s in shadow and light and they look different but they’re actually the same? That’s what happens with a coloured background. Have a grey or toned down brown background when working. 

Flip your canvas! It’s a really simple way to spot mistakes and refresh your eyes. 

Don’t go crazy with fancy layers, avoid using them at first until the finishing touches. It can look very obvious with you’ve used an overlay layer in place of figuring out the ‘right’ colours. Once you get more confident and experimented try being more ambitious. I love using the add glow layer to do my lighting effects, but only at the end for extra pazass.

If you want a really traditional looking digital art piece, think like a traditionalist. I tend to do my final paintings on fewer and fewer layers, one is a sketch layer and maybe background and the rest is on one layer. Basically, I only use it to ‘save’ the parts of the painting I might want to change later but do the majority on one layer. I also start with the darkest values first and don’t undo a lot. I paint over it instead. 

Aaaaand I think that’s all I can think of atm, but if you have any specific questions please go ahead and ask! Happy painting!

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