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I got a question about why I always draw Harry & Hermione as white and it comes down to how I’ve personally been imagining them, and how I started trying to depict that in my drawing since becoming gradually more happy with my style/work a few years ago.

I love seeing other people’s renditions of characters - partly why I like Wizarding Wednesday a lot - and I think Burdge has some of my favourite hp character designs like here and here and here - they just look full of feeling and perfect. Like any drawings with heart in them do, really. 

But the question got me thinking about how having always done it one way before is no reason for not drawing them however I want in different ways at different times. So here’s a little third year Hermione, glowingly happy with her new cat.

anonymous asked:

do you have any fav jily headcanons ?

ah yes here we go i live for asks like these

  • lily loves it when james runs his hands through his hair. like, she “hates” it and it “annoys” her but really as she gets to know him better it becomes endearing and cute and she likes to imagine his hair is soft and beautiful and basically she loves his hair and the first time she runs her hand through it when they’re making out she basically dies (there’s a reall cute burdge drawing of this and i cry)
  • lily’s mom loves james. like she meets him for some reason before he and lily get together when lily “hates” him but not really because she’s just in denial of her feelings and he leaves like the best impression and she’s always like ”lily, dear, when is that james boy coming around again?” and it irks lily to no end because what the hell they aren’t even dating damn potter
  • sirius is really apprehensive of lily when she and james first start becoming friends in seventh year because she has the power to break james’ heart but they get talking and become really fast friends and tbh spend a lot of time laughing about james being an idiot and it annoys james but also it makes him so happy because here are two of the people he loves the most in the world and they like each other
  • lily basically lives in james’ clothes even before they start dating. like, one night in the common room they were working on head’s duties together and she was cold and he gave her his favorite jumper to wear and she fell asleep in it and just never really ended up giving it back and he forgets about it until one day she comes down to breakfast in it and he does a doubletake and nudges sirius because “oh my god padfoot look lily’s wearing my clothes” and she just blushes a little bit but it’s so comfortable and it smells like him (which is a smell she likes very much even if she won’t admit it) and as the year goes on she slowly gets more of his clothes and by the time they’re dating half of her wardrobe is just his shirts and jumpers and scarves and he loves it
  • she loves watching him play quidditch. for one, he gets this passionate look in his eye and he gets so into it and he looks so in his element but also he’s always hyped up on adrenaline at the end of a particularly good math and he kisses her with a little more fervor and she loves it
  • he’s always eating off her plate. “i’m a growing teenage boy, lil!” “okay but that was my last carrot” and she pretends that it’s annoying but really she loves it and he would never actually take any food that he knows she loves and their friends just kind of laugh because this habit starts before they’re even dating and lily and james just kind of brush it off as a “oh it’s just a friend thing”
  • in fact, they’re basically dating before they even start dating and the only ones who don’t realize it are them. like he puts his arm around her shoulders when they’re just standing or walking through the hallways. she’ll drape her legs across him when they’re sitting on the couch. they laugh and have inside jokes. he buys her butterbeer at hogsmeade. they study in the library together. one day they’re sitting on the couch and his head is on her lap and she’s playing with his hair and reading a book and he kind of looks at her and says “you know, evans, some would consider this a girlfriend and boyfriend kind of position to be in” and she cocks her head at him and smiles a little but inside her heart is going a million beats a minute and she says “yeah, i suppose they would” and he pauses a second and licks his lips and says “go out with me?” and she laughs and leans down and places a little kiss on his lips and says “do you even have to ask?” and then they makeout on the couch
  • he never gets over the habit of callling her “evans”, not even when they’re married, and she always laughs and corrects him and says “it’s potter now” and a huge smile erupts across her face and one mirroring it appears on his. little does she know he does it on purpose, just so she’ll correct him and he can see her that happy
  • he loves buying her things, and sometimes he’ll just get her something for the hell of it and she’ll ask “why?” and he just shrugs and says “it reminded me of you”
  • their wedding is in the summer time and it’s small but beautiful and there’re flowers everywhere and laughing and firewhiskey and dancing and it’s almost like a ray of sunshine in dark times and when they dance their first dance, mcgonagall cries


hi, i drew a character from marvel, yes yes she is the epic most wonderful but yet still second best super hero teenage girl ever made

first is batgirl

i guess i really should thank brigid vaughn aka burdge bug for all of her beautiful pictures of percabeth that she got me started reading percy jackson series

check out her drawings, she is one amazingly talented artist that you won’t get bored of looking at her pictures. just look at that picture above! all credit goes to burdge, hats off for her sketches

Here’s a sketch I did of “The Librarians” — and it is easily becoming one of my favorite shows.

Something I had laying around for some weeks and I finalyy cleaned the sketch a little bit.

This is another drawing for ribkadory Wade Wilson (I tried to make him look liek ryan reynolds, emphasy in the tried), Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker.

Maybe someday I will finish it, but since it took me a month to clean the sketch I can’t promise anything hahah