draw barf

februpony uhhh eleven? these lil hell-orbs gave everyone so much trouble, and the best way to get rid of them is to make them someone elses problem.

finished a really old thing! the rest is under the cut because it’s “reely” long

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I had an idea.

Okay, so I was showering and you know how you get weird thoughts in the shower?? Yeah? Well here’s the scenario that crossed my mind as I was standing there under the water.

Okay, so picture this. A person (whatever gender you prefer) eats a really big supper one night, and they’re really full, but *just* to the point where it’s a little uncomfortable. Then they decide “Hey, I feel like a fatass, so let’s work out for a bit.” They go through their usual training routine, and it’s not too strenuous, but they can feel the food inside them sloshing around with every movement. It makes them feel a little weird, but it’s not sickening. Yet. They don’t push themselves too hard, and everything ends just fine. But they had forgotten their water bottle, and supper was salty, and they’re PARCHED. So they stand in the shower to wash up, and turn the water on cool so they can chill a bit. They turn their face toward the shower head and open their mouth, letting the stream of water fall into their mouth. They drink as it comes, and goddamn are they thirsty after all that so they just keep drinking without really thinking. Suddenly they realize that they feel far too full. All that water in addition to the food from earlier has left their stomach bloated. The distention is visible. The place a hand on their overfull belly and let out a wet belch. They seem to have swallowed quite a bit of air while drinking from the shower stream. They burp again and again, and they are beginning to feel really nauseated. They bring one hand up over their mouth to stifle the burps, but they keep coming, deeper and sicker each time. And the nausea is growing. They taste their meal at the back of their tongue with each belch, just hoping that it stays down. But then one last belch is the final straw. They feel it deep in their throat and try to get the gas up, hoping it’ll help them feel better. It wasn’t gas. Their tried too hard and vomited all down their front. It spurted between their fingers and went all over the little shower stall. This first one was mostly water. But then comes another small burp followed by a retch, and a few chunks of partially digested food come up with it. Soon they’re in the throes of full on heaves, with thick, slimy vomit falling unhindered to their feet. They are bent over with a hand on their convulsing stomach, the other bracing them against the side of the stall. They can feel the vomit pooling at their feet, feeling the warm stickiness splatter all down their front. The shower helps to wash it away, but the drain is plugged with what is probably most of the last three meals they ate. So they stand there, weak and shivering, not knowing what to do, and they urp up one last stream of slop and it lands with a sickening splatter at, and quite possibly on, their feet. They are sore and shivering, tears stinging at their eyes from the pure exertion. Panting, they lean their forehead against the refreshingly cool tile wall and close their eyes, trying to regain some control of their still roiling stomach. They have a feeling this is far from over…

(Read the tags too, for another shorter but similar scenario)

My EAH persona, Gregoria Grincheaux, daughter of the Grinch. >.> 

I might tweak her costume a little bit though because as much as I love gold, there seems to be too much right now. v.v her skirt is snowy mountain tops, her necklace is Max’s antlers, her hairclip is supposed to be the x-ray of her daddy’s itty-bitty heart, and then her earrings are icicles I guess. xD;

She hangs out with Cerise but everyone assumes she ought to be friends with Raven and Kitty and Lizzie because of her legacy of course.