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“What do you do when you stop running?”

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Your drawing style is utterly adorable :3 I've always wanted to draw, never found a good starting point or resources for cartoonish style though, only realistic :< How did you begin to draw, and do you have any knowledge of any good guides or tips?

Thanks! Glad you like it uwu As for the rest of your ask:

One thing I can assure you: You. Can. Draw.
Anyone can. And it’s up to you to decide whether you’re good at it or not. But here’s what i find handy to know when drawing a little toonish.

For starters, there’s a reason why we learn basic anatomy.

Stuff like; your wrists align with your crotch, divide a face into two halves and you get a line for eyes, elbows sorta align with your ribcage and stuff like that. Most toons are completely beyond these measurements, but if you’re just starting, i recommend applying them. It helps. You’ll develop later.

Here’s some basics on differences in Realism and Toon

Realistic drawings have detail and are usually a little stiff. They can get dynamic through posing, but look pretty static most of the time. And they are always proportional: Mouth not too big, eyes not too large etc etc.

Toonish drawings have a more simplistic style. Details make characters a little older and keeping things at a few lines per part makes them look more compact. You can exaggerate parts of the drawing; larger mouths, stretchy limbs and more.

It’s a small list, and there’s much more about this, but these things help ya through the basics. Here’s some hands to show what you can do with these tips:

Some hands have three fingers and some wear gloves.  Some arms are stretch and some are just a little more toony. Experiment! It helps. A great tip you can also use: Caricature. Draw from life. Draw a detailed thing in a simplified way.

And since you ask how i draw; Usually like this:

But here’s something more detailed:

I don’t really do sketches that much. I usually draw from scratch. It’s easier to me since i learned how to draw certain things from out of my head. But it’s always handy to have an example.

Hope this helps a bit, Anon. Good luck and don’t forget:

Draw lots and enjoy, no matter what.