draw a god thursday

i just got six hours of homework done in two and a half hours, i’ve had a gallon of coffee and approximately three ibuprofen, and i’m ready to fight

Mummu, a primordial being from Mesopotamian mythology for Draw A God Thursday.

An arrow was shot during battle, and just before it struck its kill, Mummu’s name was invoked, and the shaft of the arrow returned to the living reed from which it grew, and the feathers of the fletchings returned to the living goose from which they were plucked, and the flint of the arrowhead returned to the rock from which it was chiseled.

“Mummu is detransformation, the return to chaos, demanifacturing.”

Mummu is Undo!

Really excited to discover that Draw a God Thursday is the same day as Folklore Thursday, so I was inspired to ~draw a god~. Today’s god is Ame-no-Uzume, the Shinto goddess of dawn, mirth and revelry. According to legend, when the sun goddess Amaterasu was wronged by her brother and hid herself and the life-giving light of the sun away in a cave, it was the wild dance of Ame-no-Uzume that drew the goddess out in mirth, causing her to see the beauty of her own reflection in a nearby mirror and consent to return light to the world. Depicted as a full-figured woman in the midst of disrobing, Ame-no-Uzume, or THE HEAVENLY ALARMING FEMALE (NOT SHITTING YOU), embodies the spirit of a woman who revels in her sensuality. 

Just learned about this goddess today, and she’s definitely one of my favorites ever. Hope to color this sometime xo