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Straw Into Gold - A Spell to Bring Wealth

The little man took the necklace, seated himself before the wheel, and whirr, whirr, whirr! three times round and the bobbin was full; then he took up another, and whirr, whirr, whirr! three times round, and that was full; and so he went on till the morning, when all the straw had been spun, and all the bobbins were full of gold.



Note: If you wish to include lunar magic in your work, this spell is best performed during a waxing moon.

Most sewing or craft stores will sell empty spools or bobbins for sewing machines. Acquire three such spools or bobbins and enough yellow embroidery floss or sport-weight yarn to fill them.

After sundown, light a candle (yellow or green is ideal, but white works also) and sit down with the bobbins and floss. Focus on the candle flame and think of the way in which you would like money to come into your life.

Once you have the idea firmly in mind, begin winding the floss slowly around the bobbin and continue until it is full. Repeat until you have filled all three bobbins, then blow out the candle.

Anoint the three bobbins with orange or amber oil. Place them into a small jar and leave it somewhere it will not be disturbed. If the desired wealth does not come into your life within three months, or if you need more money, repeat the spell and add the three new bobbins to the jar.

- From the forth-coming book “The Sisters Grimmoire: Spells and Charms for Your Happily Ever After” by Bree NicGarran and Anna Zollinger