draw a doughnut

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I had this idea for a Wolfstar story, like "I'm a teacher and you are the librarian in the school I work at, and you keep sending me these terrible books and random stuff like empty folders or trash cans with my students. What the heck, dude?" It's just an idea, but it would be pretty cool if you wrote something with it.

Sirius loved his job as the art teach of a primary school. He usually enjoyed the job anyway because he got to help little kids discover art and introduce them to the best rock and punk rock bands of all time, which he often had playing in the studio while they drew.

But his job was especially awesome because his Godson, Harry had just started at the school. Sirius loved Harry and getting to hang out with him every day was such a treat. 

His job was also pretty sweet at the moment because they’d just hired on a hot new librarian. Sirius didn’t really go out for reading all that much, but he could appreciate the librarian, Mr. Lupin, because he was painfully attractive and clearly had no idea.

Sirius had Born To Be Wild playing through the speakers at the tiny sprogs shuffled into his classroom. Harry waved at Sirius enthusiastically and took his usual seat right by Sirius’ desk. “Hey Uncle Sirius,” Harry said, handing over a folder. “Mr. Lupin asked me to bring this to you.” 

“Oh, thanks Harry,” Sirius said, taking the garish bright yellow folder and feeling his stomach fill with butterflies as he opened it.

He was immediately let down when he found it empty. “Hey Harry, did you drop what was meant to be in here?” Sirius asked, flipping the empty folder around, looking for anything written on it. 

“No, I promise I didn’t,” Harry said, crossing his heart. “Mr. Lupin requested that you put something in it for him.” 

Sirius blinked for a moment and then wrinkled his nose. What kind of horseshit was this? What was he meant to put in there? 

He had all the kids draw a picture of their favorite animal while Sirius considered what to put inside the folder for Mr. Lupin. They’d only met a few times in the teacher’s lounge and flirted a bit over coffee. 

Making up his mind, Sirius drew a picture of two cups of coffee with steam rising from the top. For the moment it was the best thing he could think of. He shoved it into the folder and handed it back to Harry. “Give this to Mr. Lupin when you see him.” 

“Sure!” Harry said, taking the folder and filing out with the rest of his classmates.


The next time Harry came in for art class, Sirius looked at him expectantly. Instead of another primary coloured folder, Harry placed a book on Sirius’ desk. Sirius picked it up and made a face. “Mr. Lupin asked you to give me this?” 

Harry nodded and took his seat.

Sirius stared at the book, “If you give a Dog a Doughnut,” and wondered just what Remus had meant by giving him this. Was it meant to go along with the coffee drawing Sirius had done? Doughnuts and coffee? 

Perplexed, Sirius began to read the book, hoping for some kind of clue as to what Remus was trying to tell him. Deciding he was never going to figure it out, he settled for drawing himself as a big black dog with a doughnut in his mouth. He actually quite liked the drawing. 

He carefully folded it up and gave it to Harry to give to Remus. 


The next time Harry came into the room, Sirius didn’t even have to ask what Remus had given him. Harry was struggling to carry a rubbish bin into the classroom. He set it down next to Sirius, huffing and puffing from the excursion. 

“Mr. Lupin said -” 

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Sirius said, waving him towards his seat. He cocked his head and studied the rubbish bin. Was this some kind of crack about his art? Or maybe a joke about him being a dog so he must eat our of the rubbish bin? 

Sirius decided that Remus Lupin was the most confusing person he had ever met. 

Sitting down, Sirius began to sketch, his hand flying over the paper as Somebody To Love blasted over the speakers. It felt appropriate. 

When he was done, he didn’t give it to Harry. Instead he slipped it into his own pocket and made his way to the library once his class was finished. He found Mr. Lupin sitting behind his desk and Sirius dropped the rubbish bin loudly by his feet. “I believe this is yours?” Sirius said with a quirked eyebrow.

Remus laughed. “I was wondering what I was going to have to do to get you to come visit me,” he teased, sitting back in his chair.

“Oh,” Sirius said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “So it wasn’t a joke about me being a dog?” 

Remus grinned. “It wasn’t meant to be, although I’m sure you’d make a wonderful dog. It was just the weirdest thing I could think of to send with little Harry.”

Sirius reached into his pocket and pulled out the picture he had drawn, unfolding it and placing it down in front of Remus. “I thought it might be appropriate for our first date.” 

“Our first date?” Remus echoed, lifting up the picture and studying it for a moment. “Is this meant to be your and me picking apples?” 

“Yeah,” Sirius said with a lopsided smile. “You know, like in the story you sent me. There’s an apple orchard about two hours north of here. I thought we could go, pick some apples, have a nice time. Two hours getting to know each other, some good tunes, good company. What do you say, Lupin?”

Remus bit his bottom lip and then smiled. “I think it sounds lovely,” he said, looking up at Sirius. “And about damn time.”