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You gotta do the cooking by the book~

and old loopy thing i did in February that will probably never be finished. these are all just thumbnails and its all a very shit quality but thats ok.

Haikyuu! Valentines Day!

So, Valentines is fast approaching, meaning I shall be hidden away in my room reading sappy fanfic until Feb 15, when all the candy goes on sale. This also means I am in desperate need for fluffy valentines themed fics from Haikyuu, which are severely lacking. So please, someone put me out of my misery by writing/drawing these for me.

  • Daisuga- Both of them have been planning this day since Feb 1. They already have the reservation to the fancy restaurant and they dress up nice and Daichi got Suga flowers and Suga made chocolates. It’s cheesy and gross but they love it.
  • Asanoya- Asahi worried about this day for ages. He had no idea what to do for Noya, if he should take him somewhere nice, give him gifts like ??? how do you valentine? In the end he gets choclates and Noya smiles and gives him chocolately kisses all over his face.
  • Kagehina- They both forgot it was valentines day. It wasn’t until practice they realized when everyone was being all lovey-dovey and they both panicked, trying to separately plan an awesome date. They ended up just going to Kageyama’s place and watching cartoons and eating candy while snuggling.
  • Tsukkiyama- Yamaguchi had planned out all this nice stuff to do but none of it ended up working out and he was so sad about it because he really wanted to have a nice Valentines with Tsukki. But his boyfriend just takes him to the park and they walk around all day holding hands.
  • Kuroken-Kuroo  had a very precise plan for the day and dragged Kenma along with him to do this and that romantic thing, but he wasn’t really sure if Kenma had actually enjoyed it. That is until they got home and Kenma took Kurro’s hand and kissed him goodnight. Kurro actually died.
  • Oiiwa-Oikawa was being a shit about getting all these chocolates from all these girls and Iwaizumi gets so fed up with it he just throws his own chocolates in his face and stomps off. Immediately after Oikawa chases him whining.
  • Kiyoyachi- Yachi spent actual years researching the perfect chocolates to get Shimizu- nuts, caramel, milk chocolate, white, etc- Shimizu likewise, spent an even longer amount of time researching flower terms to make the perfect bouquet.
  • Kenhina- Hinata was so excited for valentines day and he came to Tokyo for their date, but Kenma literally had to drag him around Tokyo the whole day showing him the sites but it was pretty fun and romantic.
  • Hanamatsu- Matsukawa and Hanamaki decided to troll Oikawa one year and just followed him and Iwaizumi on their date and made fun of them until they were chased off. Then they went home and cuddled on the couch and recited cheesy love songs to each other  

I’ve been so busy that I only just now–on the last day of February–finally drawing my Femslash Feb picture because I needed a break from thesis work/internship work. 

Anyway, have a Shiny High-Tech Robot and her Outdated Android girlfriend.

Also, here are my previous Femslash February Pictures:

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