draw a chibi


Hey Tumblr, I’m in need of your help, I’m doing some emergency commissions at the moment dude to my current living situation. Every dollar helps so even just getting a Chibi or sketch will help.
~I work relatively quickly usually taking 1-2 days. Though of course I can only work on one at a time so there will be a wait depending where you end up on the commission list.
~I do have to take payment upfront but I won’t ask you for it until I start
~ I will provide sample sketches and such along the way to keep in contact and so I can change things ahead of time if incorrect.
~I’m only opening 10 slots at the moment, DM me to inquire
~ if you can’t buy my art it’d be super helpful if you’d reblog this post so I can be found by others.
~ USD PayPal only.
~ I currently can’t ship out traditional works due to my current situation but if I get the chance to make them available then I’ll be sure to notify.
Slots open: 6/10




Jack and Signe = Luigi and Daisy

Mark and Amy = Mario and Peach

Felix and Marzia = Rosalina and Baby Luma (Because why not)

Anyways, I decided to draw stripes on Jack’s hoodie because I saw this one image of Luigi wearing something similar to that and it looked cute :) I was gonna do the same for Mark, but then well, I became lazy. The only female I could think of aside from Peach and Daisy was Rosalina, so I made Marzia her XD (Originally, I was gonna make Pewds wear Rosalina’s outfit, but well, in the end I changed my mind because I wanted to make this post all cutesy and romantic, because I had this urge to do so.