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Guys I had a lot of important thoughts today.

Who would impersonate the Animorphs on Saturday Night Live after the war became public?

Looking at the 2000-2001 cast I think the go-to Jake Berenson would be Will Ferrell, because Will Ferrell was SUCH a heavy hitter, and also there’s literally nothing funny about Jake Berenson. It would take a talent like Ferrell to bring out any humor from him. Jimmy Fallon might have gotten it too, depending on what SNL focused on as the joke of the Animorphs. If they were mocking how young they were and how the Yeerks were defeated by teens, you’d want Fallon.

Cassie, obviously, would be played by Maya Rudolph, because she’s the only black woman on staff, and that’s how Maya was used half the time. Maya would do a good job. The writers wouldn’t make Cassie very funny. She’s basically come off like Hermione in a bad Harry Potter Youtube skit. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

I want to say Marco would be played by Horatio Sans, or outsourced to be impersonated by a Latin@ comic, but we all know how SNL is with race, especially when the impersonated celebrity is larger than life. The bigger the personality, the more SNL is just going to have an A-lister impersonate them regardless of- anything, really. Realistically, I’m thinking Tracy Morgan. Marco’s the funniest Animorph and (allegedly) beloved by America, so they’d just give him to a high energy person to spout insane one liners and it would work. Also, consider: Rachel Dratch. Tina Fey was head writer at the time so SNL was allowing women to be funny, and Rachel Dratch is UNDER. RATED.

This is my Animorphs And SNL Meta. Please come to me with any further questions about how the Invasion impacted early 2000s era pop culture. I could practically write a whole entire South Park spec about how Matt and Trey would feel about Marco’s role after the war. I am an expert. Thank you very much.


tina and dratch did karaoke in nyc last night i literally can’t


Part 3! My Favorite Prizes from Billy on the Street! With John Oliver, Jacob Tremblay, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey and a special appearance by KEVIN COSTNER AND BILLY CRYSTAL!!!! #billyonthestreet

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